Hicksville High School Remembers Sept. 11


As part of an annual tradition, Hicksville High School honored the fallen heroes of Sept. 11 by placing a wreath alongside its memorial in front of the school.

On the 13th anniversary of the tragic day, the American flag was lowered to half-mast and Principal Raymond Williams, along with National Honor Society President Priya Mishra, carried the wreath to the memorial at 8:30 a.m. At 8:46 a.m. and 9:03 a.m. — the times when the North and South Towers were hit, respectively — the school observed moments of silence and three bell tolls in remembrance of the attacks and all of the lives lost.

Mishra addressed all of her fellow students in the morning.

“I suppose many of us remember where we were, what we were doing that day,” she said. “9/11 was a tragic day, rooted in our history and in our hearts. However, on that day, we grew, both as individuals and closer as a nation. We saw others helping others, regardless of any difference. Never forget.”

“Let today be a day of reflection, where we remember that extraordinary people are often disguised as ordinary people, for on that day, many sacrificed to save the lives of their brethren,” Williams said. “Their sacrifices reflected courage, kindness and unity. Let us never forget.”

— From the Hicksville School District

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