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The Promise Of Spring Is In The Air

As snowflakes begin to descend and whirl about in the winds throughout Hicksville, I’m reminded that winter will only have us in its icy grasp for another 36 days. Spring is coming!

The temperatures this week were milder than they have been; some of the snow has melted off rooftops and sidewalks throughout our community. I’ve seen a few homeowners outside their homes, clearing wider driveway and sidewalk space; some of the enormous mounds at the end of driveways are slowly but surely melting into the streets. It’s a wonderful sight, with a hint of a promise that warmer days are ahead.

We’ve been relatively fortunate over the years, with regards to the weather. Milder winters had yielded less snowfall and frozen precipitation in the past. After last year’s reminders of multiple snowstorms, this year’s winter seems a bit relentless. I’d say that it’s pretty fair to say that there are quite a few out there who have had enough of winter, and are anxious for the arrival of springtime. “Winter Fatigue” would be a great way to sum it up in a phrase.

During the recent ice storm, our daughter had gone outside to remove the crusty crystal layer that surrounded her vehicle in order to drive to school. One of our neighbors came to lend a hand with a can of de-icer, which, in her opinion, was one of the greatest creations on the face of the earth. An old timer myself, I never owned a can of the stuff, as my husband and I always opted to remove ice by employing a handy dandy ice scraper and a bit of elbow grease. However, our daughter informed us that the ice literally slid off her windshield, as though she had applied cooking oil upon it, and that she’d love to have a can of it in her car for emergencies. My husband searched throughout local stores for it, and came up short—it was completely sold out everywhere, as was ice melt.

After a week of using the old elbow grease, my husband made his rounds in the local stores, and was able to find spray de-icer in Advance Auto Parts. I enjoy walking through the store; it evokes memories of childhood, when I accompanied my father to AID Auto Parts and breathed in the heady scent of rubber tires. I’d occupy myself with looking at “The Little Tree” air fresheners and floor mats; in my adulthood, I find that, while my husband is occupied, I’m doing pretty much the same thing. These days, the air fresheners are in abundance, and the choices are a bit overwhelming. And that fabulous scent of rubber now gives me a headache. How times change!

Already, catalogues are arriving from the post office, heralding the sale of items for spring. Some of the local stores are also putting out the Easter decorations and seed packets. I’ve even seen gardening gloves and trowels on display, a sign that spring isn’t too far behind.

We’ve had snowstorms into April in these parts, as I recall from our daughter’s early years. It had been just before Easter when a storm blanketed Long Island in white. We had built a snowman for her, complete with bunny ears and a basket of snow eggs, which I promptly dyed in assorted colors. The colors faded and bled, but she didn’t care. The Easter Bunny had left a snow bunny in his wake, and she was happy as a clam.

As winter maintains its frozen grip on Hicksville, we can be assured that this, too, shall pass. The snow melts, the crocuses will pop lazily from their chilly beds, and we will once again regale this winter to the past, with hopes of gardens and bunnies and new life that springs from winter’s arctic chill.

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