Uniquely Qualified To Serve


I had the privilege and pleasure of serving with Adam Haber on the board of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA), and am pleased to see that the voters and residents of the Seventh Senate District have the opportunity to have him serve them as State Senator.

Some of the myriad dysfunction in Nassau County has been enabled by Albany. A lot of the county’s fiscal troubles can be fixed with assistance from Albany. Adam Haber’s service on NIFA showed me, and others, that he knows what needs to be done. But it’s also important to note that Adam not only knows what needs to happen; he also votes and acts accordingly. Every time.

Haber’s experiences as an entrepreneur, a school board member and a NIFA board member make him uniquely qualified to serve. The people of the Seventh Senate District are fortunate that he is willing to serve, and that they have an opportunity to vote for such a fine choice on November 8. Nassau County as a whole, and our state, will benefit greatly from his service, as well.

—Christopher P. Wright

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