We Endorse William Blazo


On Dec. 13. the residents of Hicksville will be electing a new fire commissioner. We the undersigned endorse and ask that you come out and support past Captain William Blazo.
Bill is a lifelong resident of Hicksville and has been an active member of the Hicksville Fire Department since 1985. As former chiefs and/or fire commissioners of the Hicksville Fire Department and Fire District, we turned to Blazo numerous times to serve on committees within the department. Blazo never shied away from any task and did the best Possible job he could do and did it with the best interest of the members of the department and community in mind.

With Blazo’s professional and volunteer experience, his dedication and commitment to the department members and community, we know that he will make the right decisions to provide the best equipment for fire protection and emergency medical response for our community. He will do this by making his own judgment decisions and with good fiscal responsibility.

Blazo is a dedicated family man with wife Gwenn and a son Kyle. He has the best interest of the community in mind.

Please come out and vote William Blazo to be our next fire commissioner in Hicksville. The election will be held Tuesday, Dec. 13 between 3 and 9 p.m. at the firehouse on East Marie Street or Levittowm Parkway.

—Past Chiefs Patrick McGeough, Karl Sweitzer, Chris Moskos and Frank McGeough; Hicksville Fire District Past Chairmen of the Board Michael Krummenacker and William Foley; Past Chiefs/Board Chairs William Thunell and Jerry O’Brien

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