I’ve seen two long letters written by Planned Parenthood of Nassau County on your editorial page in the last couple of months. Seems like your paper has an agenda in this area.

Maybe it would be fair if you allow a voice on the other side once in a while. But I know that the goal of Planned Parenthood is to create the impression that everybody agrees with them, and maybe your paper is on that mission too. The writer stated that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch is “not qualified” based on his probable pro-life philosophy.

I am imagining a young lady who dreams of becoming a nurse or physician and who is interviewed by a school official like the writer. The writer would likely consider the young applicant not qualified if she stated a belief in the sanctity of human life in the context of a medical school or nursing school interview. Tolerance goes both ways: if you claim to be tolerant and open-minded, and see yourself as enlightened and sophisticated and nuanced, you have to be tolerant of those who believe in the sanctity of life, and not wag your finger in our faces and tell us that we are “not qualified” to accomplish or pursue anything.

—James J. Di Maio, MD

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