Letter: Appointment Implications


It seems that despite all the recent arrests and indictments for corruption in Nassau County and the Town of Oyster Bay, political patronage continues to thrive. Supervisor Joseph Saladino’s recent appointment of Brian Nevin as communications director and senior policy advisor reeks of political cronyism. Nevin, a leftover from the corrupt and crumbling administration of Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, was appointed without notice or transparency. He does not even live in the Town of Oyster Bay.

This appointment also comes at a steep cost for the town’s residents, $163,000 annually at a time when the town is nearly $1 billion in debt. It’s not surprising that Councilwoman Alessia regrets her affirmative vote for this ill-conceived appointment.

If Nevin is as indispensable and qualified as Saladino claims, then why not table the measure for further discussion? Hard-working residents of Oyster Bay, myself included, are tired of politics as usual that masquerades as ethics reform. We want a government that works for us, not for professional politicians.

—Dennis Urban

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