Letter: Bernie Is To Blame


Editor’s note: This letter to the editor is in response to Nicole Lockwood’s editorial, Book Ended.

As someone who was active on Facebook supporting Hillary for years, I was attacked relentlessness by your fellow Bernie “supporters.” Vicious, mean, calling me a [expletive deleted] while they spent all day long posting lies about Hillary. We suspected that Bernie had trolls and we learned later, that he did from Russia. And he admitted he knew that. He never once told his trolls/supporters to stop attacking Hillary and her supporters. He even spread some of the smears about her. (Untrustworthy? No).

Maybe it was because he never supported women, from calling women’s issues “a distraction” to running against a democrat in Vermont to stop her from winning the governor’s position. He didn’t want that job, he got the GOP elected. His smearing Hillary and spreading right wing/Russian lies is why so many “just didn’t like her.” She was our beloved New York senator, with a 65 percent approval rating. Nothing Bernie supporters said was factual about her.

I had done fact checking for the web group in one of the past elections for MoveOn, so I know how to tell fake stories from real. What I found is Bernie supporters were as gullible as Trump supporters to fake news. Not something to be proud of.

Make no mistake, she won the primary and if you dare say the DNC or anyone else won it for her you are as gullible as other Bernie supporters. She won it because the majority of us proud Democrats knew her real record and voted for her. While Bernie bragged about his past (not as illustrious nor as successful as he claimed), Hillary actually was working to help people her whole life. He didn’t do anything until 40.

If you bring up his winning so many “primaries” I will answer with the fact that he won caucuses where you can bully the very small group that attend. To prove my point: in Seattle he did win the caucus, which counted, but when they had a non-counting primary covering the entire state, she crushed him.

And looking at the entire election, the Russia story is still evolving and I think you will find that in the swing states there were irregularities, including GOP disenfranchisement and Russian hacking and already admitted Russian propaganda (and we already know propaganda works). In spite of Putin’s attacks from both the right and the left, Hillary won more votes than any man had ever won before. Give this groundbreaking woman the respect she, and other women, deserve.

—Laura Sessions

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