Letter: Comprehensive Sex Education Is Important


I am writing to express support for comprehensive sexuality education. This issue is important because I feel that it is necessary to hold the people who are teaching the youth about sexual education accountable, and to a higher standard as well. Starting at the educational level can be a great way to teach children about preventive measures that pertain to their health.

Comprehensive sexuality education, or the lack thereof, is an issue because the youth need to be educated properly about these issues. Comprehensive sexuality education will not only help children to make better decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, but also in other aspects of their lives. Research has shown that schools with comprehensive sexuality education helps children develop healthier relationships, prevents child abuse and dating violence, delays sexual initiation and reduces unintended pregnancies, just to name a few. This matters to my community because there are a number of young people in my community today who come from backgrounds where they are misinformed about sex from what they see at home, in the media and in the community itself, and those examples are not the best to look forward to. Having comprehensive sexual education will properly inform children that will help them to make better and healthier choices for themselves.

I call on the Senate to include the Women’s Agenda in the budget. It would be a great help to communities across New York and right here on Long Island—and especially to the youth.

—Loundy Victor

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