Letter: Boldly Trying To Cure Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s Disease is horrible, both for the more than 5.7 million people who have been diagnosed and the more than 16 million loved ones who must watch as the person they love fades away to the point that they become unrecognizable. My mother was diagnosed with this disease in 1979 and over the next 20 years lost her ability to think, communicate and even swallow. During this time, I kept reading that we were close to a cure and yet today, almost 40 years later, we still have no way to prevent, cure or slow down the progression of this sixth leading cause of death.

We need bi-partisan Congressional support for increased funding for Alzheimer’s research. We also need to build an Alzheimer’s public health structure by passing the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act (H.R.4256).

I want to thank Congressman Suozzi for being a champion of our cause during the less than two years since he has been elected. He supports the $425 million increase in research funding contained in the proposed 2019 budget and he is co-sponsoring the BOLD Act. I hope that we can count on our other Congressional representatives to follow Congressman Suozzi’s lead in fighting to find a cure for this disease and to support those suffering with this disease and their families.

—Kathy Distler
Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador to Congressman Suozzi

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