Letter: (A)SPCA Confusion


I would like to inform your readers that the Nassau County SPCA, not the ASPCA, cares for the domestic violence victims’ pets while they are in The Safe Center shelters. The Nassau County SPCA absorbs the full cost of this service. We feel that it is important that a victim know that they can leave, and their pets will be safe too.

The Nassau County SPCA is not part of, nor does it receive any operational money from, the New York City-based ASPCA. In fact, it has always been a challenge to all the local SPCAs to raise money as people think that their donations to the ASPCA come back to help their local SPCA, but it does not.

Several organizations have investigated how widespread this problem is. Here are some examples:

I greatly appreciate any help in educating the residents of Nassau County, as one can only imagine the millions of donations dollars to the ASPCA that are not shared with local SPCAs.

—Gary Rogers
Nassau County SPCA

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