Letter: Questions For Public Transportation


Will upgrades to the existing Belmont Park Long Island Rail Road Station include a bus terminal to accommodate Nassau Inter County Express (NICE) bus, New York City Transit bus, MTA bus and private bus charter operators who may establish new routes for serving the Islanders Belmont Arena? There are several thousand reverse commuters from NYC who travel from either Flushing or Jamaica to Nassau County via NICE Bus. Using the Metro Card with a free transfer from the NYC Transit subway to NICE bus only costs $2.75. They ride the bus versus more expensive LIRR fares. The same will be true for hundreds of future employees at the Belmont Park Islanders Arena complex who will be dependent on bus service to access job opportunities. How is the Empire State Development Corporation planning for establishment of these future services?

What is the current status for scope of work, budget, funding source and implementation schedule for these improvements?

Will any potential future MTA LIRR, NYC Transit bus, MTA Bus or NICE bus transportation facility, other capital and service transportation improvements be paid for by the developer or MTA?

—Larry Penner

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