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Hicksville parking garage reopens

The morning frenzy that is commuting via the Long Island Rail Road is now a little less hectic with the reopening of the Town of Oyster Bay Hicksville Parking Facility—giving commuters back 1,440 parking spaces adjacent to the Hicksville train station at the corner of Broadway and Duffy Avenue.

In early September 2018, the town closed the garage for repairs following the discovery of through-cracks in the slabs on the two lower levels in mid-March 2017.

The repairs included the repair of structural cracks, installation of concrete decking reinforcement, replacement of concrete decking and expansion joints where needed, replacement of the upper level expansion joint, and replacement of the carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide detection system. While the facility is open, finishing touches will be completed such as lighting updates on the top level, elevator work, heating and ventilation, fire alarm systems, security systems and final drainage improvements.

“We ended 2018 on a high note by reopening the Hicksville Commuter Parking Garage on time,” Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino said. “While the past problems of the garage didn’t develop on my watch, I was happy to deliver these positive results and thank commuters for their patience during the repair process.”

This photo from summer 2018 depicts the cracks plaguing the Hicksville Parking Facility. In between these support columns, thin cracks are visible on the slab. Photo was taken on the bottom floor of the four-level Hicksville Parking Facility.
(Photo by Frank Rizzo)

The parking facility’s reopening will provide much relief for daily commuters as it alleviates the struggle to find train station parking across Hicksville’s 12 parking lots. During its closure, those who utilized the space were redirected to the former Sears parking lot where a shuttle bus service provided transportation between the lot and the train station.

Following the March 2017 discovery of cracks in the “Ground and Lower Level 1 slab decks,” Jericho-based Hirani Engineering & Land Surveying inspected and assessed the structure. Leonard A. LaSala, vice president of engineering, deemed the structure “safe for public use.” It was believed the cracks were caused by expansion and contraction from the weather, and 78 stalls were closed off until repairs were made. On Sept. 12 last year, the garage was fully shut down to fix the cracks and other structure features.

To use the 12 available parking lots, as well as the Hicksville Parking Facility, residents must obtain a Town of Oyster Bay Parking Permit. These permits are available at the town clerk’s office, by calling 516-624-6333 or by visiting

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