Hicksville Graduate Announces ‘An Invitation to Meet The Universe’


On Saturday, May 11, Hicksville High School alum Kyle Singh will take you from the very beginnings of our universe to unearthing all of its mysteries in a way that everyone can understand. Learn about the deepest mysteries of our universe and leave pondering some of the deepest questions we can all ask as human beings. It is sure to be a night of excitement, enjoyment with plenty of wonders. The grand tour of our beautiful universe begins at 7:30 p.m. at Levittown Hall, 201 Levittown Parkway.

Tickets cost $5. All proceeds from tickets will benefit The American Physical Society (APS). APS serves to provide underserved school districts with very important funding to ensure that all students have the opportunity and access to cutting edge scientific ideas and technologies. Read more about their mission at www.aps.org.

As a passionate physics student, Kyle Singh has made it his mission to disseminate science to as many people as he can. For Singh, nothing has been more important than sparking the realization within students that anything is possible. This idea has served as the impetus for much of the work that Singh has led throughout his life. During his time at Hicksville High School, Singh founded the Astronomy and Philosophy Club, the main objective of which was to provide students with a forum in which they could discuss profound scientific questions. That club is now in its second iteration since Singh graduated in 2017. Singh runs a physics podcast titled Q.E.D. which helps to disseminate scientific knowledge to the broader public and went on to teach his first public lecture series, titled “An Introduction to Special Relativity,” at the Hicksville Public Library starting in September 2017. Currently, alongside his coursework, he is working on developing a series of lectures with several New York Public Libraries and is teaching a new course at the Hicksville Public Library titled, “The Beauty of Math.” in order to continue his mission to dispel the myth that science is only for a chosen few.

Come on down and watch a show that will reveal to you all of the beauty and wonder all around us.

For more information visit the Facebook event page, or contact Kyle Singh via the contact form at www.qedpodcast.com or at kyle.singh@columbia.edu.

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