Letter: Opinion Went Too Far


This is a response to the editorial “Juss Desserts,” published on March 6.

I have always liked the Hicksville News, but finding that the stated opinion of your paper indicates a hard left turn from normal, I find I can no longer purchase or recommend the paper any longer. Why does the paper not have an opposing viewpoint listed to dispute the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center’s slanted view, who together with Kimberly Dijkstra somehow comes to the conclusion that a hoax done to discredit half of the population of this country is somehow the president’s fault.

I believe the divisive rhetoric coming from media such as your paper calling most Americans racist, homophobic, xenophobic anti-Semites is causing more harm than anyone else in this country. Please provide specific examples of the slurs directed at legal immigrants, people of color, religious groups and the LGBTQ community from the White House.

There are currently hundreds of recent examples of hate towards anyone with opposing views to the left, with Mr. Smollett being one of the most recent highly public examples.

The free copy of the Hicksville News sent to my address will now be used along with my cat litter.

—Christopher Poelker

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