Hicksville Chamber June Luncheon Meeting: June 16, 2009Holy Grounds Coffee House: June 20, 2009Values on the College Campus: June 22, 2009 Tuesday, June... Calendar

Cantiague Park Theme Night - Friday, June 5Time of Remembrance - Saturday, June 6Holy Grounds Coffee House - Saturday, June 20 Saturday, June... Calendar

Music Cafe - Saturday, May 30Cantiague Park Theme Nights - Friday June 5Car Wash/Car Show/Swap Meet - Friday, June 6 Saturday, May 30Music... Calendar

Memorial Day Fashion Show - Friday, May 29Music Cafe - Saturday, May 30St. Ignatius Graduates - Upcoming, June 7 Tuesday, May 26Parenting GroupCentral... Calendar

Blood Drive - Tuesday,May 19Hicksville Homemakers - Thursday, May 21The Relationship Journey - Wednesday, May 20 Saturday, May 16 Multi-Family Garage Sale...