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I am writing to endorse Adam Haber to be the next State Senator from New York’s Seventh Senate District.

As a long time resident of Roslyn and the former Mayor of the Village of Flower Hill, I know both candidates personally. There is no doubt in my mind that Adam will do a far better job of representing the needs and interests of the residents of the Seventh District than would his opponent.

The most obvious and crucial difference between them is that Adam is committed to improving infrastructure, something which is vital to the economic and ecological health of our area. His opponent, who has a Tea Party view of government, is driven by the desire to cut taxes, particularly for the wealthy and big business, at all costs, with no consideration at all for the consequences.

Another difference is that Adam is, and will be, a strong independent voice. He speaks his mind and is willing to fight for what he believes to be right, even if it isn’t the most popular choice. His opponent often doesn’t know her own mind. She’s completely beholden to the State Republican party and is guaranteed to vote lock step with whatever its agenda may be, irrespective of the effect upon her constituents.

I have extensive experience working with public officials, from my early years on the staff of a (Republican) Congressman to my 15 years in village government. I know the real article when I see it. Adam Haber will make a fine state senator.

—Charles W. Weiss

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