On Par For A Cause With Ties To Hicksville

Marc Magro (2nd from left) and his team at the Michael Magro Foundation’s Annual Golf Outing. (Photo by Alex Wolff)

Synchronicity, as Carl Jung first explained, is an experience whereby events are “meaningful coincidences” which have no causal relationship but seem to be meaningfully related. In no other instance could this be more apparent than how the Michael Magro Foundation’s annual Golf Outing, which took place June 7 at the Cold Spring Country Club in Huntington, came into being.

According to Terrie Magro, vice president for the Hicksville-based Michael Magro Foundation, “Golf came out of nowhere this year. It was a very labor-intensive event when we last held it in 2015, that I just dropped it after a few years.”

In 2017, one of the foundation’s board members suggested that they hold another one, by using a golf event planner to help. A short time later, Magro attended a meeting with a medium, who also mentioned that she had foreseen a golfing event for the foundation in the very near future. During a conversation between Magro and attorney Andrew Lamkin, Lamkin also suggested a golf event, after hearing the other fundraising events that Magro had planned for 2018.

He then supplied Magro with Larry and Christine Battaglia’s information.

After discussing the possibility of a golfing event with the foundation’s board members, the suggestion was quickly approved. Magro set up an appointment with Battaglia, who suggested that they begin to look for golf courses immediately.

Because variety is the “spice of life,” Magro wanted something new and exciting for the golfing event. At Magro’s meeting with the medium, the seer drew a picture of a castle and the staircase that lead into Oheka Castle. She told Magro that the event would be held nearby. Later, when Magro and Battaglia toured Cold Spring Country Club, she saw the castle in the distance and realized that “this was the place for the event.”

Many charitable golfing events occur on Mondays, but the country club offered the foundation a Thursday outing. According to Magro, this leveled the playing field, and allowed more golfers to attend her event, rather than choosing between charities on a Monday. After the booking, the fine details of the event were handled by the Battaglias, who put together a brochure as well. The event was competitive in pricing, with $425 per golfer and $1,600 for a foursome.

“With Larry taking care of all of the details, it took a huge burden off of my shoulders,” Magro mentioned thoughtfully. “There were no flaws at all. The entire event ran so smoothly, like it was meant to be. The moment that we put it out there, we had a bunch of foursomes, almost immediately. Sponsors began to call, and donations began to come in. It was amazing. Golf Event Planning took care of the design of all tee signs, kept track of the printing and did all of the logistics for this event.”

The event sponsor came from Hicksville resident Ryan Dempsey, owner of East End Group. The $7,500 sponsorship donation held special meaning for Dempsey, who has been a dear friend of Marc’s, Magro’s son, since childhood. Dempsey told Magro, “I’ve known you my whole life. Marc and I are such good friends, and I never embraced the foundation the way I wanted to.” According to Magro, the tee signs at every hole bore both the MMF and East End Group’s logos. Dinner sponsor Priority Credit Card Processing donated $5,000. Their logo also appeared on two tee signs and all the dinner tables.

More than 100 golfers attended the event, which began as a cloudy day. By midday the sun was shining. Registration started at 9:30 a.m., followed by a brunch. “We also had Dr. Jan DeGorter in attendance, a chiropractor. He offered exercises for anyone who wished to stretch before going out on the course. The committee also came up with the idea for a $100 bracelet for each golfer, which gave them two sheets of raffle tickets and a chance to win the door prize, which was a cooler filled with various wines and spirits.”

Thomas Francis of Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon had a tent at the golfing event, where golfers got to roll cigars and have a bourbon tasting. Brendan Macauley, co-owner of CHIPPO Golf, set up a CHIPPO Contest.

“There was so much for people to do at this event, which is exactly what I wanted,” Magro mentioned.

Magro beamed as she mentioned the comments about the golf outing. “People commented that they had a wonderful time. Cold Spring is a difficult course, with meticulously kept grounds. The location was a huge draw for us.” Not to mention that she felt the site was a definitive sign of approval from Michael.

At 5:30 p.m., the golfers returned from the course to attend a dinner held in the club’s cocktail and dining area. A raw bar, hors d’oeuvres and a full open bar were on hand. After the cocktail hour, the event moved to the main ballroom for a dinner and an awards presentation.

Raffle prizes were held during dinner, as well as a silent auction and four live-auction items.

During Magro’s speech that evening, she mentioned the mission of the nonprofit foundation.

“The money goes directly to the Life Essentials Program, to offset family medical expenses, transportation costs, paying utility bills and buying gift cards for supermarkets, gas stations and things that are really needed by families who are going through this type of hardship.”
The golf outing far surpassed everyone’s expectations, including Magro’s. “We raised $100,915 for the Michael Magro Foundation. We were very fortunate to have received an anonymous donation of $20,000, which was really special.”

For those golfers who are interested, the next golf outing with MMF is scheduled for June 1, 2019.

MMF has raised more than $1.7 million to date. The Michael Magro Foundation is a Hicksville-based 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to assisting children with cancer and life-threatening illnesses and their families to meet essential life necessities. It was established in 2005 in the memory of Michael Magro, son of Terrie and Paul Magro. For more information about upcoming events or to donate, visit www.michaelmagrofoundation.com.

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