Letter: Hicksville Resident Is Fed Up


I’m a lifetime resident of Hicksville and I started following my town when Newsday printed an article on Aug. 13, 2017 that read “Changes are coming to make Hicksville’s tired downtown a model for the future.”

The model of what I and others see in Hicksville and our immediate surrounding is NOT what the community wants. The segregation of 12 different projects is repulsive. You, the town board and others, are destroying our quality of life. It’s a sad fact that I have no choice but to leave Hicksville when my husband retires in 9 years. My home has been in the family since 1957. My parents moved here to get away from the city life and now I am having to do the same.

No one cares what the residents want, not to mention our safety and quality of life. Our roads are a disgrace. I’m embarrassed to say I live in Hicksville.

I decided against speaking at a town meeting because I have no desire to hear a condescending response or hear again from Councilman Lou “We didn’t get here overnight. The road repair isn’t going to happen overnight” Imbroto. Are you kidding me? That comment doesn’t even warrant a response. I’m sad that this is where I am and have to move on.

Here is a list of projects:

1) Seritage (former Sears property):

a) Mixed use with 596 apartments;

b) grocery store;

c) office building;

d). Chipotle and TD Bank;

e) fitness center;

f) shuttle to the LIRR

2) Third Track:

a) Where will the train yard be?

b) How many trains will this location hold?

c) Will this lot hold commuter and freight trains?

3) Former Chroma Paint, 154 Broadway, Hicksville: Mixed use property with 12 apartments.

4) Broadway and East Barkley Street, Hicksville: Mixed use with 18 apartments.

5) 99 Railroad Ave., Hicksville: Up to as many as 200 apartments.

6) Elevated community center: south of the LIRR.

7) Trinity Lutheran Nursery School expansion: Part of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Nassau County Legislator Rose Walker’s grandchild attends the school.

8) Syosset Park:

a) Toxic land, life threatening issue; I want private independent testing done with absolutely no affiliation with the town, county or state;

b). 350,000 square feet of retail;

c) 200,000 square feet of office space;

d) 626 housing units;

e) 100,000 square feet of restaurants and entertainment;

f) two hotels;

g) Shuttle to Hicksville railroad station.

9) 400 West John Street and Kuhl Avenue, Hicksville: 43,000 square foot new development with eight loading docks.

10) 50 Engel St., Hicksville: Bus lot on 2.27 acres. How many buses can fit on this lot?

11) Federal Express, Arrow Space Boulevard, Bethpage:

a) 244,483 square feet;

b) 176 trucks between 7 and 8 a.m.

c) 165 trucks between 5 and 6 p.m.—total of 341 trucks within two hours;

d) trucks will not be allowed on South Oyster Bay Road. The trucks will have to travel Route 107.

12) E-Commerce Warehouse, 344 Duffy Ave., Hicksville:

a) 195,000 square feet

b) 20-30 loading docks.

We are being destroyed from the west, north and south.

I’ve had enough.

—Lorraine Burnard


  1. We saw this coming last year and moved to North Carolina. Nassau county in general is becoming Queens development has gone into overdrive and the corruption is rampant. No place to live anymore. Get out before it gets any worse or vote out those board members that are creating this mess.

  2. Hello Arthur. My family also is looking to relocate to NC. Your lucky you were able to get out last years.

  3. Hicksville hasbecome the ne Queens. There is nothing suburban about our town any longer. The illegal rental of single family homes to multiple families and sometimes even room by room has changed the dynamics of our neighborhoods (and not gor the better). Our school taxes are based on single family occupancy and many times multiple families occupy these these illegaly rented homes, leaving our school system with the burden to educate the occupants. Worse than all of this is the GARBAGE and Trash throughout our town. The unmowed lawns, the trash left cutbside for days, the sewer and storm drains clogged with debris and refuse. Code enforcement is non existent. Countless repetitive complaints need to be filed, revealing your personal ingoemation (hello..? Idenity theft?) TOB is the only municipality requiring such personal information. (Who ch we have no wayof knowing how secure it is) . The sriting is on the wall. (Lietally, the graffiti 🙄). None the less, It is time to move on. Hicksville is the sacrificial lamb of the TOB. It is the new Queens, with all the issues which that entails.

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