Letter: Dangers of A Dulled Down Mind


Your editorial “Curran’s Reefer Madness” in the April 10-16 issue is just one more idiotic opinion us readers are exposed to and expected to swallow.

First of all I will say off the top, I’m not the biggest fan of County Exec Curran.

However she made a very well-thought out, wise argument by holding off on a decision to legalize recreational marijuana—not the medical kind, because the case for that seems substantial and necessary in many cases.

She has stated, in general it can cause legitimate problems that most of us, who are of pretty sound mind and not behind-the-time fogies, agree with her logic.

In recent times, we’ve all been witness to how cell phones and texting have caused major accidents not only occurring when driving but also as pedestrians. Walking around without paying attention to your surroundings are detrimental in a normal state of mind forget about the distraction of a shiny object.

Now add to that a dulled down mind, which is what any narcotic substance marijuana included will do to the brain.

Personally I m not concerned with those who don’t care to be alert and aware when they are going about their daily lives. And please pot heads, by all means smoke your brains out when you are alone at home. (Alone because no family member would appreciate it!)

However when you get into a car or walk in front of one for example you are putting other lives in danger. And for the record. That s not OK!

—Dawn Estey

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