Letter: The Dangers of A Closed Mind


After reading “The Dangers of A Dulled Mind,” I realized how closed minded the writer and other opponents of recreational marijuana are in their thinking.

First, just as we don’t allow people to drink and drive, the same prohibition should apply to those using marijuana. Therefore, any accidents caused by anyone ”under the influence,” of booze or weed should be handled the same way by police, etc.

Second, most people in the privacy of their homes or apartments drink socially. The same is true of marijuana users. For anyone else who drinks alone or even smokes cigars or cigarettes alone in his/her abode, whether homes or apartments, that person should be permitted to do so. There is no danger from these recreational choices, but an invasion of privacy unless the user puts other lives at risk.

We who support legalization of recreational marijuana are tired of spurious arguments.

—Elaine Peters

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