It’s A Hound’s Town


Daycare? Check. Boarding? Check. Grooming, taxi service and even cat boarding? Check, check and check.

Hounds Town USA has been in operation since 2001, and now, 18 years later, the all-inclusive doggie daycare franchise has arrived in Hicksville.

Co-owned and operated by Maria Gillen, who also co-owns the Farmingdale Hounds Town franchise, the Hicksville site officially opened last month on April 15. Since then, it’s been nothing but a howling good time.

Dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds are welcome, provided they do not show aggression, and all pups must have the standard vaccinations required to be among other dogs in close quarters.

Depending on whether you drop off your pooch for boarding or daycare will determine what your furry friend does while waiting for you to get back. Daycare dogs are simply sorted into an appropriate group for playtime based on size, age and temperment. Dogs staying overnight also spend much of their day in the playroom, but will also enjoy breakfast and dinner. Bathroom breaks are of course provided for all dogs in attendance, and water is always available.

Gillen, who herself owns a great dane and a pug, believes that Hounds Town is the perfect way to keep dogs social and active. Socialization is important for any pooch, and she recommends that dog owners take their pup out and about as often as they are able to.

Hounds Town USA was founded in 2001 by former NYPD and Nassau County Police canine handler Michael S. Gould, who prides his company on the deep understanding the staff has of dogs and what they truly need.

“One of the things Hounds Town USA does is bridge the anthropomorphic gap between what people think dogs need and what they actually need,” he explained. “We give the pet owner confidence in us, that we’re going to take care of their dogs and also understand that the dogs’ needs are completely different many times from what pet owners think they are. Since our inception, we’ve cared for more than one million dogs. And I’m proud of the fact that my staff and franchisees have taken the reins and actually do this.”

Hounds Town is located at 794 S. Broadway in Hicksville. To learn more, visit

—With additional reporting by Dave Gil de Rubio.


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