Letter: Congrats To Katz


Congratulations to Katz’s Delicatessen on your 131st Anniversary! Eating at Katz’s Delicatessen is a religious experience for those who enjoy great deli. Forget the fancy tablecloths, waiters and sparkling bottled water in other restaurants. Go to the Manhattan Lower Eastside of our ancestors to enjoy authentic New York food eaten by generations of Big Apple residents. Your bubbee would be proud. Take a day free from worrying about cholesterol and your weight to enjoy life!

When out-of-town friends or family come to visit, they always insist we go to Katz’s for a great lunch. There is no equivalent to Katz’s deli-style good grub. Don’t forget to stuff a dollar in the tip cup for the counterman who serves you. Your reward will be a great sample of what’s to come. In front of your eyes while you salivate in anticipation, he will build a sandwich requiring two hands to eat.

The restaurant is a trip down memory lane, with photographs of celebrities from different eras. You can learn more about our past history at Katz’s than visiting any local museum. The list of all the famous customers who have visited Katz’s over the many decades is amazing. Look closely at the back of some chairs. Perhaps a former president or two or some other famous individual used the same seat. Every winning politician in decades has made a campaign stop at Katz’s!

The portions and quality continue to be one of the best buys in New York today. Anyone still hungry after dining there must have a tapeworm! Let’s hope the continuing redevelopment of this neighborhood doesn’t also overrun Katz’s as well!

—Larry Penner

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