Letter: Airplane Noise Levels Reduced


Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s directly under the flight path of most afternoon flights going into JFK, I appreciated seeing the large planes in the sky (especially the Concorde), and had no problems falling asleep at night. When I return to my parents’ home in East Hills for visits, I am amazed at how quiet the current generation of planes are. The FAA has required airlines to use newer “stage 3” and “stage 4” aircraft, which are all significantly quieter than the earlier generations of aircraft. Due to rules like this, the FAA reports “The number of people exposed to significant noise levels was reduced by approximately 90 percent between 1975 and 2000.”

Perhaps the people living today in Nassau County should have a bit more appreciation for the significant reductions in noise levels which enable them and their neighbors to take frequent vacations to exotic locations while being less disturbing to those on the ground.

—(Rabbi) Lev Seltzer

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