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Hook & Reel Brings Seafood To Broadway Commons

(Photo by Krista Stucchio Photography)

In its efforts to remain Hicksville’s premier shopping space, Broadway Commons welcomed Hook & Reel to its tenant repertoire last week. The Cajun seafood restaurant and bar opened its doors last Wednesday and guests flocked to dine on the eatery’s vast menu of shellfish.

After being greeted in the doorway by a pirate statue with an uncanny resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow, guests are thrust into a nautical world full of rope-lined walls, dangling marine life, anchors, life preserver rings, catch nets, kayaks, portholes and ship wheels.

Tables are lined with sheets of paper—perfect for messes sure to ensue and a delight for little ones who like to color—and all have an accompanying metal bucket to discard shellfish parts.

“The flavoring here is what separates us from everybody else,” said the location’s general manager David Darity. “The Cajun flavoring of New Orleans is excellent.”

(Photo by Krista Stucchio Photography)

The Louisiana-inspired menu boasts clams, crawfish, mussels, calamari, shrimp, scallops, lobster, lobster tail and a variety of crab and crab legs. After picking your “catch,” which comes by the pound and is served with corn and potatoes, you may choose your sauce, which includes garlic butter, lemon pepper and The Hook Reel Special Blend, among others. Then, choose your level: no spice at all, mild, spicy or fire. Finally, a selection of sides is available, including boiled eggs, sausage, white rice and potato, Cajun and sweet potato fries.

Diners also have the option to pick two catches by the half-pound, with a choice of seasoning and spice level. This seafood combo is served in a plastic bag and shaken at the table to infuse your meal with flavor from every angle.

A pirate with uncanny resemblance to Captain Jack Sparrow greets guests.

Also available are po boy sandwiches, raw oysters, spaghetti marinara with shrimp and mussels, shrimp salad, clam chowder, lobster bisque, a crabmeat roll and catfish sliders. Among appetizers are hush puppies, chicken tenders, crabmeat fries, fried calamari, steamed oysters and wings. Baskets include fried shrimp, oyster, catfish and flounder, crab cakes, soft shell crab and lobster tail.

“I think we have the right product,” explained Darity of his enthusiasm for the restaurant. “It’s all about the three P’s: your people, your process and your product. It’s not hard, it’s just making everybody feel comfortable. It’s all about hospitality.”

Challenging other restaurants known for their cheerful employees, Hook & Reel is host to a staff who offer an unparalleled seafood experience. From the moment they walk in and are greeted by big smiles and cheery dispositions to the last bite of their meal, guests are guaranteed to feel appreciated for coming in, said Darity.

Hook & Reel maintains a nautical aesthetic throughout.

“Everywhere you look, there’s a restaurant,” he stated. “So why do [guests] come here? When everybody comes here, I greet them and let them know how happy I am that they came, because they didn’t have to.”

With the Commons having everything from Mexican food and sandwiches to pizza and sushi, there was a distinct lack of seafood—until now.

“I want to bring a different concept to this neighborhood,” said Tina Zhang, the owner of the Hicksville Hook & Reel location.

Hook & Reel is located at 363 Broadway Commons. For more information, call 516-719-0388 or visit

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