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County Exec Offers Tips To Stay Cool

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran warns residents about the dangers of summer heat. (Photo by Allison Eichler)

In light of the heat wave that hit the area last Wednesday and lingered through the weekend, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran stopped by Hicksville’s Cantiague Park to offer tips and advice for residents to stay safe when the heat of the summer hits Long Island the hardest. Curran was joined by Nassau County Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein and Nassau County Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Steve Morelli, who also offered their words of wisdom.

“Summer, as we all know, on Long Island can be brutal,” Curran stated. “If it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity—it’s usually both. The combination of heat and humidity can become unbearable and uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous for many of our residents, especially the elderly, very young children and those with chronic medical conditions.”

As the county looks to protect its population, Curran offered the location of several cooling centers in the area for residents to utilize. These locations include Bethpage Ice Center, Cantiague Park, Clinton G. Martin Park in New Hyde Park, Levittown Senior Center, Marjorie Post Rink in Massapequa, Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park, Salisbury Senior Center in Westbury, SYO Woodbury Ice Rink, Wantagh Park Community Center, Wantagh Senior Center and Yes We Can Community Center in Westbury.

As well as designated cooling centers, Curran also reminded residents to take advantage of their local libraries, pools and museums.

“You can beat the heat by visiting many of our wonderful indoor museums in the county, you can come to Cantiague or any of our five county pools,” the county executive said. “We also have a wonderful new dinosaur exhibit at the county’s Tanglewood Park and Preserve, and it’s the only state facility that is cooled with geothermal power. You can go to Roosevelt Field Mall, there are plenty of indoor, affordable and air conditioned activities or you can come to one of our cooling centers.”

On a health note, Curran emphasized the dangers of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, reminding residents that high temperatures can cause heat-induced health problems rapidly and with little to no warning. She advised limiting time spent outside, working out indoors, upping your water intake while limiting your caffeine and alcohol intake and taking caution to never leave a child or pet in a car.

“If you have elderly neighbors, don’t assume their air conditioner is working, please check in on them,” said Eisenstein. “Especially babies, make sure that they’re not left in a place that can become hot. Please take care of each other during this heat.”

For heat-related emergencies, Morelli stressed that residents need not hesitate to call the Office of Emergency Management at 516-573-0636.

“This heat is no joke. It can overwhelm you in moments,” Morelli commented. “The Office of Emergency Management is going to continue to monitor the weather and provide updates. Should anybody have any problems, please call for help.”

For more information on staying safe this summer, visit www.nassaucountyny.gov/oem.

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