Letter: Political Correctness


California being the bastion of political correctness, it reared its ugly head once again. Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom announced free health care for illegal immigrants, in spite of the fact that the streets in Los Angeles are overrun with homeless people for which the governor hasn’t done anything to alleviate their plight. Not to be outdone by the governor, the San Francisco Board of Education decided to paint over a mural in a public school in that city. The mural, which is a painting done by a famous “Art Deco” artist, depicts George Washington, a black slave and a dead American Indian, among other subjects. The San Francisco Board of Education determined that the mural is “racist” and offensive. No surprise at the source of this myopic decision. To invoke the political correct and social engineering mantra, the board is having the mural painted over. An outrageous act of desecrating art!

Consider this. What are museums to do who house paintings by world famous artists which depict in many cases horrific acts perpetrated by one group of people on another? Are these paintings to be removed? Painting over them would be an unspeakable act of wanton vandalism and depravity. Suffice it to say that the San Francisco Board of Education in its infinite “act of wisdom” committed a gross travesty loosing sight of the fact that “erasing history” is not learning from it.

—Stanley Ronell

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