Letter: Make Nassau Affordable Again


A recent article about the well-being of the Nassau County finances, mentioned that there was a $10.4 million increase in public safety fees (regular people language—tickets), but the news is still grim. Nassau County still has too much debt. It should not rely on traffic enforcement to fill budget gaps. I was hoping that our County Executive Laura Curran would have found more ways to trim down the bloated government to give Nassau County taxpayers some need relief, but instead we get more agencies. The just recently announced departments seem like duplication of services and should be consolidated into existing departments. My fellow Nassau residents have been paying the price for too long for mismanagement. Consider the broken assessment system, high property taxes and rising fees on just about everything (remember the new monthly cell phone tax). Now is the time to demand better from our elected officials, put actions into the words fiscal accountability to make Nassau County affordable once more.

—Chris Wales

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