On A Warm August Morning


Many years ago, I wrote an ode to summer. As an homage to that column, I’d like to offer another to all of you, in the hopes that it will assuage your minds and offer you stillness.

On a warm August morning, as the sun begins its morning stretch across the sky, the air is soft and quiet. The rumble of a truck as it lumbers cantankerously over the asphalt tears across the silence, until it drives on and the world is again enveloped in blissful peace. As the dawn slowly breaks, sparrows flitter across the sky and chirp high atop the pines. A soft wind kisses the warm air with all the tenderness of a new lover, and a new day begins.

On a warm August morning, the quiet mist lifts across the Woodland school yard like a heavy blanket that’s airing on a clothesline. Bees softly buzz on the tips of tall spires from the common plantain, unaware of the damp from the early morning dew. Wild rabbits lift their heads from their breakfasts of field clover and goose grass as early morning walkers meander through the neighborhood to get their morning constitutional done before the heat of the day. Squirrels scurry to collect acorns beneath the mighty oaks; the only sound they make is the occasional territorial chatter or the clatter of their tiny claws across the pavement. Off in a distance, crows caw to each other to sound the beginnings of a new day.

On a warm August morning, the neighborhood slowly awakens. A passing car’s tires hiss upon the street as it drives through a puddle from the rain the evening before. The aroma of sizzling bacon, along with the sweet fragrance of a fresh pot of coffee, wafts through the air and tantalizes the senses. It’s easy to grow hungry on walks in the neighborhood, especially when the scent of sautéed onions kisses the nostrils.

On a warm August morning, as the sun rises higher in the sky, the temperature steadily rises. The clean scent of freshly cut grass glides across the air as a neighbor mows his lawn. The soft hum of the electric mower soothes the senses like a lullaby as he rhythmically grooms the property. Luna, our pup, sneezes as we stroll by.

On a warm August morning, as neighbors greet one another with a wave, the block becomes alive once more. Cars pass, children come outside to play and the silence of the morning is broken by the glorious rhythm of life. As the air warms in earnest, children douse each other with hoses and run through sprinklers until the rousing sound of their laughter fills the air. Soon, all that can be heard in the neighborhood is the soft hum of air conditioners as many retire to the cool indoors once more.

On a warm August morning, as I sit in my yard and enjoy all the blessings that getting up early have to offer, I sip an iced coffee that I’ve just brewed and am grateful. I’m thankful l that we live in such a wonderful town, with little nuances that can be missed very easily. So, on a warm August morning, before the summer is through, make it a point to slow down and find one thing to be grateful for. Before you know it, you’ll be able to pick out all the beautiful moments in your world, as well.

Patty Servidio is a columnist, contributing writer and columnist with Anton Media Group. The views expressed by columnists are not necessarily those of the publisher or Anton Media Group.

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