Letter: Macy’s Caves to Animal Extremist Agenda


Macy’s Inc. recently announced in a statement that as of the end of fiscal year 2020 they will be ceasing the sale of fur products in their stores and affiliate locations and Bloomingdale’s.

For nearly 50 years the anti-fur movement has been ardently trying to sway public opinion with their deeply flawed agenda and a narrative based on lies, misrepresentations and staged videos. Amidst this hardcore pressure on many fronts, global sales figures and demand amongst a wide swath of consumers has grown steadily. The broad use and application of naturally sustainable fur, rising sales figures and increased points of access through traditional retail and specialty retail outlets, have all contributed to its popularity. Interjecting the demand from influential Hollywood’s A-listers, aspirational purchasing by younger customers trying to emulate their style, and global reach of influencers on social media, you now have a pretty accurate picture of the true tale of natural fur’s popularity.

We are disheartened to hear the news that Macy’s Inc. will no longer be offering their customers the freedom to choose naturally sustainable fur based on their own personal compass. This is unfortunately another example of a venerated brand being pressured into the false narrative about fake or faux fur, as a more viable option for their customers.

Regardless of what any retailer or brand wants to say, ultimately savvy customers will be the truest arbiter of what is acceptable and what’s not. Unfortunately, for them, Macy’s Inc. will no longer be able to benefit from customers that understand that fake fur is not and never will be the answer to being environmentally friendly and sustainable! Much has been written about the environmental threat of fast-fashion, and the damaging effects of microfibers released when washing petroleum based fake furs. For the countless consumers who still demand only naturally sustainable fur products, there still remain many traditional retailers who will continue to make the product available in abundance.

By aligning themselves so closely with the Humane Society of the United States, Macy’s Inc. is now inextricably linked to the organization’s troubled past of questionable conduct and public scandal. Not the wisest of moves considering consumers are now more discerning than ever about where they spend their dollars when it comes to corporate responsibility and truth and transparency in business.

Given the long-game agenda of these extremist groups, to eradicate the use of meat, leather and wool, it’s baffling that Macy’s Inc., and its affiliates, would anchor their future to a group that opposes the very existence of most of the products they sell. For more information on the Macy’s, Inc. fur policy, visit www.macysinc.com/sustainability.

Through intimidation, harassment and pay-to-play politics, a small group of very vocal activists is hijacking consumer’s right to freely choose. They are assuming the moral majority is neither smart enough, nor considerate enough, to make a decision for ourselves.

For more information on the non-sustainability of plastic-based fake fur, go to www.wearefur.com/fur-industry-says-time-call-fake-news-fake-fur.

—Keith Kaplan,
Director of Communications, Fur Information Council of America (www.fur.org)

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