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Noelle Messick gets named player of the year

Holy Trinity High School student Noelle Messick (left)

When Noelle Messick started playing for the hometown East Meadow Soccer Club when she was 5 years old, it was a way for her mom (who was also the team’s coach) to make sure her daughter had a physical activity to keep busy with. The graduating senior from Holy Trinity Diocesan High School was recently named NSCHSAA (Nassau-Suffolk Catholic High School Athletic Association) Player of the Year for Girls Soccer.
While the Holy Trinity Titans season ended on a down note via a 3-1 loss in the finals to the St. Francis Prep Terriers, Messick was caught off guard by this significant honor that capped off her high school soccer career.
“My coach told me that I had been nominated the day before we played the championship game. I never thought I would win it,” she said. “Then my coach told me I had won the award right after we lost. It was humbling and a real honor.”

Coach Paul Roderick has been coaching Messick since she came onto the varsity squad as a freshman. He acknowledges the importance she’s brought to the team in the four-year span that she’s been a starter.
“She was hugely important to the team. As a freshman, she started right away because she’s technically a very good player. Her first two years as a freshman and sophomore, she was part of a team that won the championship,” Roderick explained. “As she got older, she took more of a leadership role. She was captain her last two years and led a lot by example. What she did rubbed off a lot on the incoming players.”

When asked Messick’s strengths, the veteran coach wasn’t short on ticking off numerous attributes.
“Her understanding of the game, very good game knowledge and her technical skills are outstanding,” he said. “Noelle’s range of passing was good and understanding of what was required was the main part of it. She was very simple to coach. I’d give her simple instructions and she understood what we wanted of her straight away.”

High school senior Noelle Messick began playing soccer when she was 5 years old

Sports played a major part in Messick’s high school experience. In addition to playing soccer, she also suited up for lacrosse and basketball. In addition to being named 2016 Rookie of the Year, 2017 Defender of the Year and 2018 MVP in her preferred sport, she excelled enough in lacrosse to earn a 2017 Unsung Hero Award and be named a team captain in 2018. She feels these experiences have helped shape her overall outlook.
“Participating in sports has taught me many life lessons such as the importance of working together with my teammates in order to accomplish common goals,” she said. “Sports have also taught me the value of commitment and determination.”

A positive attitude and uncompromising work ethic has been key to Messick’s success. At the age of about 11, her interest in soccer became more focused as she transferred over to the Farmingdale Soccer Club and started working with a trainer. Given the challenges involved with playing in such a competitive soccer hotbed like Long Island, there were times when the aspiring star had to pull back on being so self critical.
“I’m always really hard on myself and all of my coaches, while they’re also hard on me, say if I give my best, then I should enjoy the ride and not worry about things too much,” she said. “There are so many great players my age out there. It’s hard to compete, but if you really want it and practice a lot, you can definitely get there. I just love playing so much. It takes my mind off of everything. It’s almost like a stress reliever and I just have fun.”

While her favorite classes were English and history, Messick’s post-graduation plans include suiting up for St. Michael’s College in Vermont, where she intends to major in psychology with the hopes of being a psychiatrist one day. But it is the East Meadow resident’s time at Holy Trinity that’s really left an indelible mark on her.
“I’ve grown so much with the help of Coach Paul and Coach Jack. They’ve helped me mature and develop. When I was a freshman, I was so scared and timid. They helped grow my confidence. This year I had to lead the team, because I was one of the only seniors. They helped groom my personality and character,” she said. “Being a Titan female athlete meant a lot to me. Some of my greatest moments as a Holy Trinity Titan have occurred after the 2:40 bell. I am extremely thankful for the friends and memories being a Titan female athlete has brought me.”

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