Town Demolishes Hicksville Zombie House


Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Councilman Lou Imbroto and Councilwoman Laura Maier recently joined with their colleagues on the town board and local neighbors in celebrating the demolition of a vacant and abandoned home plaguing the local community. Located on Bay Avenue in Hicksville, this vacant structure had been a longtime blight in the community.

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino (front row, third from left) in front of the Bay Avenue zombie house that was demolished in Hicksville.

“We are so pleased to bring the residents of this local community some very good news today with the demolition of this zombie home, as this eyesore is coming down following numerous complaints, many property cleanups and numerous notices of violation,” Saladino said.

Town personnel became aware of this property years ago, following complaints from neighbors, and proceeded to visit this property numerous times. The condition of the property worsened over time, as weather naturally took its toll and the structure continued to deteriorate. There was also evidence of illegal occupancy at the premises, with reports of multiple residents inhabiting the home.
“Our residents care deeply about their communities, and they shouldn’t be faced with a house in their neighborhood in such deplorable condition like this, day after day,” Imbroto added. “This abandoned property sat vacant for over a decade while we pursued the owner to take action. The town made sure it remained safe and secure and performed many cleanups as it was not being maintained. As is always the case, to protect our taxpayers, the cost of all necessary cleanups were subsequently put on the county’s tax rolls.”

Upon gaining access to the home’s interior, inspectors discovered deplorable conditions, including excessive debris, rotting household items, various trash, suspected mold, and extremely unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Ultimately, the town’s department of planning and development and the town attorney’s office worked through the legal system to obtain the ability for the town to order the demolition of this decrepit home.
“The Town of Oyster Bay has been aggressively combating zombie homes through code enforcement and demolition programs designed to rid neighborhoods of eyesores such as this one,” Maier said. “Our residents should not have to bear the burden of having derelict properties in their neighborhoods and I’m proud to be part of a government that listens to its residents and protects our communities.”

“My administration takes quality of life concerns seriously and came to the assistance of local homeowners to rid this community of this eyesore,” Saladino said. “Our initiative to combat zombie homes further demonstrates that we keep our promises to our residents and put them first.”

—Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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