Hicksville Public Schools Delivers Hundreds of Devices to Students

To ensure learning for students at home without devices during the pandemic, the district delivered devices to homes over the past several weeks.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville Public School District)

Keeping the school-to-home connection strong during the COVID-19 pandemic is vitally important. Hicksville Public School students sheltering at home during the COVID-19 pandemic but who are not in possession of devices for remote learning have received district-issued iPads and chromebooks delivered to their front doors over the past few weeks. Early last month, 270 devices were delivered and another 388 were delivered by the middle of the month.


“It’s very important to maintain our connection and relationships with our students and our community at this challenging time,” shared Superintendent of Schools Marianne Litzman. “Our children are feeling the same stresses that our teachers, parents and community members are experiencing, and we want them to feel that we are thinking of them every day and doing everything we can to continue meaningful teaching and learning while supporting social distancing guidelines.”

Chromebooks and iPads stood at the ready for delivery to Hicksville Public School students who did not have a personal device to connect to for remote learning.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville Public School District)

The school district’s teachers are using Google Classroom and Google Meet for instruction, as well as communicating with students by email. Teachers in each of the district’s nine schools have been coordinating instruction through their principals under the direction of district administration. The Board of Education and administration have made every effort to ensure that the educational continuum is being maintained for every student.

Students at home without a way to do schoolwork remotely received a personal device from the district delivered to his/her door. A total of 658 devices were delivered to students the middle of last month.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville Public School District)

Positive messages and images are being shared through the district’s website, and on Twitter and Instagram. The district has also asked the school community to submit art and writing projects thanking first responders and essential workers as part of the “Thank You” Creative Expressions project. The Fine Arts Department has created a Spotify playlist for parents and students to listen to. These initiatives continue to connect our students, parents, and school leaders throughout this pandemic. For more information, Visit www.hicksvillepublicschools.org for more information.

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