Drive-By Birthday Salute To Hicksville Veteran

World War II veteran and U.S. Marine Clifford Doering

Clifford Doering is a World War II veteran who will be honored with a drive-by birthday salute to commemorate his 95th birthday on . Mary Norris, adjutant of the Charles Wagner American Legion Post #421 in Hicksville is organizing the event.
Participants should meet in the parking lot of the Woodbury Shopping Center (442 S. Oyster Bay Rd. in Hicksville) in front of Staples, with homemade signs, balloons and flags at 11:45 a.m. on Sunday, May 17. The group will then leave at noon for the drive-by at 9 Adelphi Rd., in Hicksville, which is directly behind the Staples store.

Doering has lived in his Hicksville home since 1963 and is the oldest living exempt member of the Hicksville Fire Department. He worked for A&P supermarkets for more than 50 years and served in the U.S. Marine Corps. In May 1945, exactly 75 years ago, he participated in the infamous Battle of Okinawa, the last major battle and one of the bloodiest of World War II. Nowadays he enjoys his daily walk to the Bagel Boss for coffee, attending train shows and socializing with his American Legion and VFW comrades. He is anxious for the quarantine period to pass so that he can spend time with his children and grandchildren and is especially looking forward to planting his backyard tomato garden.
For more information contact Mary Norris at 516-287-3569 ( and daughter MaryAnn Doering 678-525-3695 (

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