Hicksville Boys And Girls Club Kicks Off Youth Program


Everyone knows that summertime has always belonged to the children. This year, the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club has gone through great lengths to provide a youth program with an emphasis of summer’s most important element…fun. As the warm weather finally approaches, the club has planned a variety of weekly activities and trips aimed to reiterate the importance of recreation, education and expressive activities with intentions to provide an enjoyable sense of relief from monotonous and boring summer routines.

The summer program is designed to keep the future of society engaged in a social setting that is meant to help build connections between kids of similar age groups and interests alike. In addition to some limited out-of-club trips that have been coordinated, the organization will also be housing in-club programs that include movie nights, video game tournaments, water balloon fights, art projects, ice-cream parties and barbecues for all new and already existing members that would like to participate.

The Hicksville Boys and Girls Club has continued its quest to keep kids active and engaged in positive ways. Through its programs, the club encourages character development and valuable life skills. COVID-19 protocols have also been installed to protect the safety of kids and staff. Local youths are introduced to amazing and exciting opportunities to make new friends and discover new interests in a safe environment. Great futures truly start here.

For more info about the 2021 Summer Recreation and Tutoring Program, call 516-822-7594, visit www.HYCBGC.com or follow the club on Facebook (Hicksville Boys and Girls Club) and Instagram (@hicksvillebgc).

—Submitted by the Hicksville Boys and Girls Club

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