2020 Water Quality Report Available For Hicksville Residents


The Hicksville Water District’s (HWD) is proud to announce that its 2020 Water Quality Report is available for all residents to review. The report, which is available on the district’s website, www.hicksvillewater.org, was also mailed to every resident’s home and once again confirms the district’s ability to continually deliver residents with high-quality drinking water.

“We encourage all residents to review the district’s Annual Water Quality Report as it provides them with a greater confidence in the quality of their tap water,” HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer said. “In addition to the various parameters we routinely test for and their results, this report also offers a closer glimpse at the services the water district provides to the community as well as other important item such as rates. We take an immense amount of pride in the product being delivered to customers and this report will help residents understand why.”

The report, which is verified for accuracy by the Nassau County Health Department, shows that the water being delivered to Hicksville residents is under the maximum contamination level (MCL) of 38 different potential water contaminants. Additionally, the district conducts more than 10,000 water quality tests every year. Tests are also conducted for more than 135 different contaminants and they have remained undetected, ensuring they are not a threat to the community’s water quality.

Visit www.hicksvillewater.org/hwd/water-quality-report to directly view the 2020 Water Quality Report online. Residents who have not received a physical copy of the report can request one by contacting the district at info@hicksvillewater.org or calling 516-931-0184. Residents are also encouraged to reach out to the district should they have any questions, concerns or need additional clarity.

—Submitted by the Hicksville Water District

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