Town Forces Demolition Of Hicksville Neighborhood Eyesore


Further reinforcing the Town’s commitment to protecting quality of life in our local communities, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Lou Imbroto, Chair of the Town’s Quality of Life Task Force, recently announced the demolition of an abandoned home in Hicksville, located at 57 Bobwhite Lane.

The Town of Oyster Bay recently demolished a Hicksville zombie house located at 57 Bobwhite Lane. (Photo courtesy of the Town of Oyster Bay)


“This home has been an eyesore in this community for too long, as residents in this neighborhood had to deal with this blight for many long years,” Saladino said. “Since my administration took office, we pledged to protect and preserve the quality of life of our residents. The demolition of this zombie home has shown that we will continue to keep our promise to our residents, as they should not have to bear the burden of having derelict properties on their streets.”

The home demolished in Hicksville stood half constructed for many months and received multiple non-maintenance complaints. As a result of the comprehensive package of laws to combat zombie homes and fine property owners and lending institutions in violation of Town Code that was established by the Saladino administration, the town has been able to recoup costs associated with town maintenance of vacant properties.

In this instance, the town took legal action against the absentee landlord-resulting in a settlement agreement that stipulated the demolition of this home by the absentee landlord. Now, this longtime blight will become a beautiful new home in this community.

“I am very proud to be the co-chair of the town’s Quality of Life Taskforce, whose efforts brought forward the actions we are taking today,” Imbroto said. “As a result of this task force’s diligent work, the town has demolished nearly 20 zombie homes in our local communities, and together we will continue to take back our town by addressing code violations and cleaning up dilapidated and abandoned properties.”

-Submitted by the Town of Oyster Bay

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