Students Celebrated For Water Conservation Passion


Hicksville Water District holds awards ceremonies for poster contest winners

The Hicksville Water District (HWD) recently held a pair of awards ceremonies to celebrate the 45 combined winners of the 2020 and 2021 water conservation poster contests. An annual tradition in the district, the poster contest is held for Hicksville students in grades 1 through 5. This poster contest allows students to learn about the importance of water conservation, as well as the necessity of protecting our sole-source aquifer. Water is our most precious natural resource, and this contest allows students to express their own creativity as well as inspiring them to begin conserving water ahead of the very usage-heavy summer irrigation season.

“The Hicksville Water District is proud of every student who entered the poster contests,” HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer said. “Their artwork and message always surpass our expectations, which is a testament to their teachers for generating an incredible understanding of the importance of water conservation on Long Island. The future of our most precious resource is in good hands with students like these leading the way.”

The winners for the 2020 poster contest are as follows:

Although COVID-19 restrictions forced them to wait a year to receive their awards, 2020 Poster Contest winners were no less excited to be honored by the Hicksville Water District.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville Water District)

Grade 1
o Radhika Prajapati- Burns Avenue School
o Mehakdeep Singh- Dutch Lane School
o Ryan Gonzales- East Street School
o Vivian Wang- Fork Lane School
o Mya Koylass- Lee Avenue School
o Jashanjit Singh- Lee Avenue School
o Alea Mersini- Old Country Road School
• Grade 2
o Ian Singh- Burns Avenue School
o Jordan Peoples Moreira-Dutch Lane School
o David Peoples Moreira- Dutch Lane School
o Saanvi Patel- East Street School
o Geovanny Sanchez- Fork Lane School
o Ava Walia- Lee Avenue School
o Jasleen Suniara- Woodland School

• Grade 3
o Aneesh Tippireddy- Burns Ave School
o Ari Bousri- Dutch Lane School
o Jay Pharma- Old Country Road School
o Mason Persaud- Lee Ave School

• Grade 4
o Stephen Chu- Burns Ave School
o Vincenza Guerra- Dutch Lane School
o Amanpreet Ghotia-East Street School
o Chloe Gan- Fork Lane School
o Catalina Diaz- Lee Avenue School
o Josiah George- Old Country Road School

• Grade 5
o Katie Chu- Burns Ave School
o Jamie Thorsten- Dutch School
o Kelsi Isufa- Old Country Road School
o Isabella Carreras- Lee Ave School
o Anishka Dass- East Street School
o Addyson Peralta- Fork Lane School

The 2021 poster contest winners are as follows:

The Hicksville Water District Board and Administration were excited to host the 2021 Poster Contest winners and Chad Wyman, the Hicksville School District’s Director of Fine Arts, during the awards ceremony on July 19.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville Water District)

• Grade 2
o Judah Suzuki- East Street School
o Zainab Iqbal- East Street School
• Grade 3
o Erik Porter- East Street School
o Hamza Iqbal- East Street School
o Saanvi Patel- East Street School
o Rhea Dutt- East Street School
o Alexander Amato- East Street School
o Angelo Fotopoulos- East Street School
o Daniela Mendez Sanchez- East Street School
o Harry Papadopoulos- East Street School

• Grade 4
o Gurleen Kaur- East Street School
o Isabelle Moran- East Street School
o Evangelia Varthis- East Street School
o Molly Reinhardt- East Street School

• Grade 5
o Abigail Vinoj- East Street School

“The creativity shown by these students was astounding, as was their understanding of the importance of water conservation,” Schweitzer added. “Hicksville is in the midst of the peak irrigation season, so water conservation messaging is as important now as ever. It is so encouraging to see our future generations embrace this message while having fun doing so.”

The winners are determined after deliberation from the board of commissioners on creativity, design and overall message of water conservation. The awards ceremonies were both held in-person at the Hicksville Library Annex one week apart as the 2020 ceremony was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. All Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines were followed.

The 2020 Poster Contest Awards Ceremony and the winning posters can be viewed on the Hicksville Water District’s website at The 2021 Poster Contest Awards ceremony and the winning posters can be viewed at

—Submitted by the Hicksville Water District

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