Hicksville High School Teacher Shares Personal 9/11 Experience


Hicksville High School English teacher Amy Mastrocinque delivered a presentation about 9/11 to the entire school community as a way to commemorate 20 years since the tragedy. Mastrocinque has a personal connection to Sept. 11—her father worked in the towers and was killed on that day. She spoke to students about her experience on 9/11 and the days that followed through an assembly that was livestreamed throughout the high school.

Hicksville High School teacher Amy Mastrocinque presented a heartfelt assembly about her experience of 9/11.
(Photo courtesy of Hicksville Public School)

In her presentation, Mastrocinque included a 15-minute talk from her old professor at Colgate University, Dr. Omid Safi. He is the former director of Islamic studies at Duke University and still teaches there today. Recognizing the diverse population of Hicksville, Safi and Mastrocinque wanted to acknowledge the loss and fear that the Middle Eastern and Muslim communities felt in the aftermath of 9/11.

The presentation focused on forgiveness and empathy. Mastrocinque encouraged students to learn from each other, working beyond tolerance to acceptance.
“Together with Dr. Safi, Ms. Mastrocinque fostered the feeling of connectedness that is vital for a truly peaceful existence,” Hicksville High School Principal Raymond Williams said.
She was able to bring the Hicksville High School community together to gain perspective into an event that changed so many lives, as well as American history.

—Submitted by the Hicksville School District

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