Hicksville High School Celebrates The Top 10


On Wednesday, Oct. 6, Hicksville High School announced the Top 10 students in the Class of 2022. Ray Williams and Tim Sweeney briefly spoke with the students receiving this top honor.

From left: Hicksville High School Assistant Principal Sweeney, Sean Zhen, Xiang Jin, Maeryam Nasari, Kaitlyn Verdugo, Lena Girdhar, Jaskaran Kohli, Ekam Singh, Roxy Dias, Sam Zhen, Jade Amador, Hicksville High School Principal Ray Williams (Photo courtesy of the Hicksville School District)

Students were reminded by Williams that “…it does not matter where you placed in the Top 10; rather, you should celebrate all your collective hard work and accomplishments over these past four years, which allowed you to achieve one of the Top 10 grade-point averages in your graduating class.” Furthermore, Williams proudly shared, “You are all young thinkers that will be very successful in life, and you represent your families and our high school well.” Sweeney echoed the message that “everyone should be rejoicing regarding your accomplishments.” Then, Williams presented the Top 10 students with their transcripts and overall grade-point averages.

Hicksville High Schools’ Top 10 senior students are (in alphabetical order):
Jade Amador, Roxy Dias, Lena Girdhar, Xiang Jin, Jaskaran Kohli, Maeryam Nasari, Ekam Singh, Kaitlyn Verdugo Ortiz, Sam Zhen and Sean Zhen.

—Submitted by the Hicksville School District

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