Latinos In Action Founder’s Visit To Hicksville


On Thursday, Oct. 22, Dr. Jose Enriquez visited with the Hicksville High School and Hicksville Middle School students currently participating in the Latinos in Action (LIA) course at the Hicksville Middle School and Hicksville High School. He was accompanied by Northeast Regional Program Manager Monica Gomez and Media Manager Luis Castro. LIA students from the Middle School were chaperoned by LIA Spanish Teacher Omar Garcia and transported by bus to the high school, where they met up with the LIA students from the high school at the Kristoff Theatre.

(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville School District)

Dr. Enriquez prepared a very informative and interactive session for our students where he shared the LIA vision, mission and history. He motivated these students to unite and begin developing trusting relationships with each other. He reminded them that they are leaders and they can use their leadership to transform the lives of other students and the people within their circle of family and friends.

Three students stood up to be leaders of the group when asked by Dr. Enriquez who is brave enough to lead this group.(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville School District)

Dr. Enriquez asked the audience of students, “who is brave enough to lead this group?” Three students took the stage and shared their voice on why they can lead and they were encouraged to run for an office in LIA later this semester. He challenged them to create a “stage” where they can use the power of their voices to affect change through creativity in the arts of music, dance, writing, singing and public speaking. LIA students have already begun their community service by providing literacy tutoring for ENL students in Old Country Road School.

Dr. Enriquez inspiring students taking part in the Latinos in Action course in middle school or high school.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville School District)

Hicksville Public Schools is excited to be partnering with Latinos in Action where their organization empowers Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities through leadership development, community service literacy tutoring, and assisting students to be college and career ready.

The student group of Hicksville Middle School or Hicksville High School students from the Latinos in Action language course with Dr. Enriquez.
(Photo courtesy of the Hicksville School District)

—Submitted by the Hicksville School District

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