Hicksville Water District Prepared For Winter Main Breaks


Expert district staff takes immediate action against freezing temperature issues

Freezing temperatures that will pummel the area over the next couple of weeks of winter also means that the potential for water main breaks increases. As water main breaks can become a common occurrence during the frigid months, the hardworking employees of the Hicksville Water District (HWD) are prepared to respond in a timely manner to minimize any potential interruptions to water service.
“Protecting our residents’ water supply is the utmost priority of the Hicksville Water District and repairing water main breaks is one of the most frequent and important ways in which we do so,” HWD Chairman Nicholas Brigandi said. “Our dedicated district staff is expertly trained and ready to tackle water main breaks at any time, especially during the winter when they are at their most frequent. We are proud of every member of our crew and thankful that they stand ready to work for Hicksville residents regardless of the weather or temperature.”

Water main breaks are not caused by the water main pipes freezing over, since the depth of the pipes and movement of water within them prevents it. Main breaks are caused by the ground freezing and expanding, which creates more pressure and causes the pipe to break. These iron pipes can only take so much pressure from the ground before they break. The age of water mains also plays a role in their overall strength which is why the district tries to replace sections of water main every year.
If a water main break does occur, a temporary water shutdown will happen in order to allow the pipes to be fixed. Customers will be notified ahead of the shutdown by a Hicksville Water District employee. Due to the repairs, there may also be water discoloration or air in the pipes. The discoloration is not harmful, but it may stain laundry. If this discoloration occurs, allow cold water to run from a faucet or tub at the closest area to the incoming service line for a few minutes or until the water clears.
The HWD website features a live map which contains regular updates on when and where water main breaks have occurred and indicates that district staff is addressing the issue. The map serves as the perfect way for residents to see if their area will be affected by main breaks. Visit www.hicksvillewater.org to view it.

—Submitted by the Hicksville Water District

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