cockchafer grub spray


The other way to check for White Curl Grubs is to mix a very soapy bucket of water and pour it over the lawn in an affected area. For plants in garden beds they may simply fail to thrive for no apparent reason, until you dig up the soil and find loads of curl grubs! Potted plants may suffer at any time of the year. They love them! There are several species, collectively known as chafers. Like armyworm, these pests have been known to destroy entire lawn areas completely within a matter of weeks. Lawn grub cockchafer feeding on lawn grass roots. As such Spring and Summer are generally the best times to treat lawns and garden beds. A Chafer grubs can eat the roots of a very wide range of plants, but they are a particular problem in lawns. Minimise the use of outdoor night lighting as this may attract the adult beetles into the area. Use Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer to deal with a chafer grub infestation, without any of the precautions associated with chemical use, such as excluding children and pets from treated areas until dry or the question of what to do about grazing pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. One of the better ways to check for White Curl Grubs is to apply a layer on top of the lawn after the lawn has been watered for the day. What do White curl grub look like The first type of lawn grub is the white curl grub. Larvae are soft, whitish grubs with three pairs of yellowish legs and a hard, reddish brown head capsule. This layer can be anything along the lines of a tarpaulin, an old carpet fragment, a hessian bag, a large piece of cardboard, newspapers or anything similar. With potted plants however they should always be controlled regardless of the number you find. Q What are chafer grubs?. Nemasys Chafer Grub Killer should be applied to moist turf. Keep an eye on the area for the next 10 minutes, and check for grubs coming to the surface. (Commonly, these grubs are wrongly identified as ‘witchetty grubs’ when observed by home gardeners.) Check out our range of Lawn Pest & Weed Control products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Be sure to secure the layer so it won’t blow away. Curl grub larvae. The body wall is transparent. (In advanced cases, sections of lawn will be able to be lifted off the surface of the soil like a toupee, as there is no root system left.) Having a perfect lawn is a dream many homeowners strive for. Curl grubs will feed on the roots of a wide range of plants with the exception of legumes (eg beans and peas). They are most recognisable by being white and plump, with 6 legs, often with a small orange head. This occurs as the lawn area is severed away from its roots. Your privacy is important to us. In the early morning, lift the bag to see if the grubs have come to the surface. Sign up to receive our eco newsletter full ofgreat organic gardening tips plus product updates and offers. This microscopic worm-like creature enters the grub’s body and releases a killer bacteria.

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