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Do not open your alcoholic beverages until you are on the river. Yes, we do sell ice, as well as a variety of other items such as sandwich A litter-free bank and area along the Elkhorn River near Waterloo, NE. The General That’s how popular this drink has become. Everyone is required to sign a Yes, you can bring your own cooler and refreshments. Do I need to make a reservation? If you have a medical condition that concerns you, you should check with a physician before your trip. Drink water so you do not get dehydrated. Dan River Campground and River Adventures, Type of Camping And boy is it delicious while floating down the San Marcos River on a sunny Texas day. While police have been enforcing the ban, people are still managing to have a good time even without the alcohol. The short trip typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours; however, trip times vary What about towels and change of clothes? Check out our list of beer alternatives from Austin! heron. © 2020 Dan River Campground and River Adventures ~ All Rights Reserved | Site designed by Think Designs, LLC. This is a slightly smaller tube that we offer for younger kids. When the storm passes, The “Kiddie Tube” is a tube with bottom. We recommend bringing a small size soft-sided cooler with drinks and snacks. When you reserve in advance, we will hold a date and time slot with a credit card, but it will not be charged until the day of your adventure to ensure the weather is suitable. Please be responsible while we transport you to the public river access points. Small cooler – Pack your food so that you can eat as you float (No larger than 12 pack cooler for kayaks. (Available for purchase), Straps for eye-wear (Available for purchase). comfortable in the water, we recommend that you wear a life vest. safely with the added responsibility of a child. The following items should be left at home: It was a very busy year and Covid-19 presented a few challenges to keep our business operating. We recommend that only 2-3 tie together so that it Our people are friendly and After all, it was the founder of Mike’s Hard Lemonade (1999) who created White Claw (2016). We Are Closed Now For Fall & Winter. Dan Tubing Co and its affiliates assume no liability for personal injury or These tubes are very similar to our regular tubes except they feature a cup holder. The river loves mobile phones, keys / key FOB and various footwear. Damage to equipment due to negligence, cigarettes, tied together tubes, or sharp objects will be billed to individuals accordingly. We’ve been river tubing near Austin for years. This is the ultimate float tube with mesh bottom and backrest. Our float times vary depending on the river conditions. “They know it is place to get drunk and use drugs with no repercussions. if possible. You are responsible for your children. walk to the river is rough and rocky, and if you choose to get out in the You will not be held responsible for the Sign Up For Our Daily Newsletter - Your North Carolina, Wrong Again: Why Pollsters Missed in 2020. Please use caution and avoid contact. Whatever you choose, make sure you consume it responsibly. Sarana atau alat yang digunakan untuk river tubing adalah ban karet. While you unbunch your knickers please allow me a paragraph or two to explain what an alcohol ban could mean for our Dan River and the Hanging Rock tourism industry. Am I excited about the prospect of a litter-free river experience without offensive drunks for families? What to bring for your tubing / canoe / kayak adventure; Please keep our rivers clean and do not litter. If you want something bubbly and refreshing but not into White Claw, this might be just your thing. There are no guides The river is anywhere from ankle deep to 10 feet deep. If you have been sick with fever (or any flu type symptoms) in the last 30 days, you will not be allowed to board our shuttle bus. DISCOVER. Of course, there are many other hard seltzers to choose from but we recommend sticking to the ones that have lower sugar since you’ll be out in the sun. This area of the Dan River is very easy going. From kegs on platforms to people passed out on deflating unicorn tubes to people chugging vodka out of plastic water bottles that have been in the sun for far too long – we’ve seen it all. Yes, there’s gluten and yes craft beer will likely give you a hangover. Yes. County commissioners can now vote on a local ordinance to ban alcohol on waterways. But 6 years later tubing operators on the Green River in Polk County have seen business more than double. Stokes County considers the end of an era. No one has It’s a great way to break up the drinking while still hydrating yourself with a refreshing, carbonated kick. You bet! And a great option if you’re not feeling like beer. Our new Spectrum News app is the most convenient way to get the stories that matter to you. Water shoes or old sneakers (Crocs and flip flops are not a good choice). bring the tube back with you. Do you rent tubes? Equipment left in the river that floats downstream is considered lost and the customer will be billed accordingly. RV Camping To understand what this may mean to tourism here in the Hanging Rock area we have a perfect model in the western North Carolina county of Polk. And so we arrive at the most extreme solution; a prohibition on alcohol. How is this section of the Dan River? You will have the time of your life!!! Drinking is not allowed before the trip, in Parks, or in vehicles. Camping: (336) 427-8530   River Adventures: Alcohol consumption (open containers) on Dan River Adventures property is not allowed. Drinking while on a lazy river float can be a lot of fun but it’s even better when you do it right. We understand that accidents happen and that the river is unpredictable. Is there a picnic area? based on water levels. Here’s the biggest mistake people make when they bring a growler: they bring plastic cups. Local and national elections & political news, delivered to your inbox. Trash sits in a fire pit next to the Dan River in the Seven Islands section in Danbury. Tubing has both inherent and unknown risks and dangers. Soft style cooler is best for kayaks), Bring a waterproof pouch for mobile phones and cameras. Cool River Tubing: Located up in Helen, Georgia, this tubing adventure will run you about $5. Stay away from We are not trained as rescue personnel nor are we a certified rescue operation. Instead, bring a reusable cup that is insulated. Safely. Drunken river tubing could soon be a thing of the past here in one of North Carolina’s best known tubing destinations. What do I need to make a reservation? You get a plastic growler, of course. You come to the The General Dan Tubing Co, park, sign-up, we provide Fortunately for you, Austin has an awesome cider company with some delicious and refreshing choices. on. I can’t swim. float down the river, and get out at The General Dan Tubing Co approximately 2 - 2.5 Of course, since glass is against the rules for river tubing in Texas, you can’t bring bottles. In order to be safe, you need to know how to swim and be able to swim in the river with a life vest and without a tube. In 2005 the Green River in Polk County looked an awful lot like the Dan River in Stokes County today. Click here to sign up for email and text alerts. The ban on people drinking alcoholic beverages on the river went into effect in 2016 after county officials received complaints of rowdy river use and littering. Something that laces around your foot. We have changing booths available should you wish to change your clothes before or after your river trip. shuttle, you board the shuttle, we transport you to the river input, you What happens if I damage a tube or lose a tube? What do I (we) do if  I (we) need help, something goes wrong or I (we) need to be rescued? Tent Primitive. Also, since people tend to be thirsty in the hot sun, they can consume more alcohol than they realize. No. In fact, we hit the water more than 100 days out of the year. On Monday, September 28, 2015, the Stokes County Board of Commissioners will hear public comment on a proposed state law which would prohibit the possession and consumption of alcohol on the 50 miles of the Dan River which lie inside the county’s jurisdiction. That’s why you should bring some of that good old-fashioned regular seltzer water as well.

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