dr strange vs dr fate death battle


So in terms of who has the best magical equipment, i think Strange has got Fate beat. It was created along with two other mystical items: the, . The curator of the Sanctum Sanctorum continues to belittle his foe, who promptly cuts him off with a jab to the face. It can also be used to restrain foes. Who will win? LOVE SPELL,LOTTERY,PREGNANCY SPELL, DIVORCE SPELL,STOP COURT CASE AND WIN ANY COURT PROBLEM,DEATH SPELL,BUSINESS SPELL AND MANY MORE YOU MAY NEED. Blade0886= Contents. 12 years ago Also important to note, that in fights where things are close, Duplication becomes a very broken ability. via email droselumen@gmail.com add him on whatsapp line or call +2348054265852. I'm not wholly familiar with Fate. For example, he is able to, . ...I'm sorry but I have to ask. It can, :ike the Sword of Omens from Thundercats, the Eye of Agamotto can return to Strange at the. Fate is also the more experienced combatant by far and while intelligence may be arguable in a more general sense, Nabu has a godly intelligence and a cosmic nigh-omniscience too that Fate can access through the helmet meaning he can theoretically plan every possible version of how this fight should play out, not much of a stretch since Nabu should be comparable to Kismet’s whose intelligence is so powerful her sheer light of reason can warp the multiverse. Oh and I guess I should avoid infinity war spoilers in my verdict huh? /*# sourceMappingURL=https://www.redditstatic.com/desktop2x/chunkCSS/IdCard.8fe90067a922ef36d4b6.css.map*/ is the problem, and some of the good Doctors have been extremely capable even without the helmet. Once Dr. What about magical equipment, well sadly besides the Helmet of Fate, i do think Fate is outclassed in this category. What about Strange then, well unlike Fate - he does have an outracing big bang feat that has been mentioned in the feats section. As per rule of Death Battle, they're both going for the kill, Boomstick: "Lots of people have worn that shiny helmet. These artifacts are used less-so for combat purposes and more-so for knowledge and dimensional travel. Or Spider-Man 2099. As for Doctor Strange - he has tanked supernovas,black holes, hits from the Mindless Ones that were strong enough to easily beat the Planet Busting Hulk and survived the In-Betweener’s Reality Warping Assault. I can hunt for the vids of God of Magic!-Strange if need be too, granted they were mostly shown in the one Arc when that form debuted but rarely get in play much after that BECAUSE Magic on Earth is dying in current Earth 616 events and Strange would rather not let his followers face that before the problem's fixed. Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. (vs. He has fought gods and monsters and yet has won most if not all the times, since Fate gets possessed by Nabu, he benefits from having all of Nabu’s experience who has fought gods for several thousand years and fought across the multiverse for half a million years. The sorcerers charge at one another, and this time, Fate takes the initiative, gripping hold of Strange and bringing the two deep beneath the oceans. . And they were planning to do it to his sister Death. It can also be used to absorb mystical energy which can then be used to fire mystical bolts and is able to restructure reality itself when combined with other mystical objects. I’m pretty sure that the final form was created from Inza and Nabu’s Souls, which were already located in the amulet of Anubis. Despite essentially giving up on life, Strange’s journey to fix his hands led him to Kamar-Taj, where he met a sorcerer named the Ancient One. (Slight spoilers to one scene in Infinity War), Thanos, with not one, not two, but four infinity stones was fought by Stephen Strange (and friends) and the predictably of the stone was so strong that with it Strange was able to make a plan that ALMOST worked. Too vain to accept another line of work, he burnt through his fortune in search of a treatment, spending the last of his money to reach the Tibetan monastery where he met an ancient sorcerer christened the Ancient One. It allows his enemy to behold Oblivion itself, being locked in an endless void of, Invisible Shields of Everlasting Enchantment, This is a shield spell like the Shades of Seraphim but it works in a different way, as it protects Strange from attacks. . No matter how versatile Strange is - it is not enough to take down Fate for good.

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