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An html index to abc tunes giving title, key, incipit, etc., plus a csv index to abc tunes with similar content, and a csv index to printed tunes giving title, page number, etc. Like Celtic tunes, Klezmer music is really intended to be passed along aurally. IMPORTANT!!
Also available is a text file of changes that I made to the abc to make it more readable, and useable in a range of abc-reading software. Any notated Klezmer tune is only an approximation towards the end result. The tunes are available as: This contains a few tunes from Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook, which have words. It will, when complete, update a Session Tunebook 2020 to match Session Tunebook 2021 content. By far the majority are traditional tunes from the British Isles, including many English, Irish, and 1,146 notes. Choose from our classic favorites, modern songs you might hear on the radio, movie soundtrack songs, and more arranged specifically for the flute. The 2020 edition has the same tunes and is page compatible with the 2018 edition (available below).

that are played at local folk music sessions, particularly in the areas around Cambridge, England, This contains tunes waiting to be incorporated into Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook at the next major edition.

Thanks also go to Greenshoots (www.greenshootsmusic.org.uk) for the slow sessions near Only £4 (+p&p) to buy printed and bound from Lulu! long as you acknowledge origin, and don't make money from them. if you are the owner of any that are under access restrictions and I'll remove them. "Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike" cc by-nc-sa licence, which lets you use them pretty freely as 981 notes.

The 2018 edition has the same tunes, but is not page compatible with the 2017 or 2016 editions (which are still available below). Our commitments: Every day you will find a new piece of printable flute music to sight-read. 603 notes. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/, Adobe Acrobat PDF file, one tune per page, http://www.maryhumphreys.co.uk/William_Clarke.php.

Privacy | and Redlands, California where I have lived, plus ones prevalent at concertina events I attend.

So if you play a chord instrument, and have a 2015 book or earlier,it's well worth getting a 2020 book.


29 notes.

363 notes. that gave me playing confidence and concertina technique; the Ceili House Band in Redlands in California that opened my eyes and ears to the range of Irish music; to the Celtic jam sessions at Green Valley Lake in Play the virtual pan flute online! Copyright © 2009–2020.

This contains tunes I've encountered but not yet learned properly, that may go into my Session Tunebook eventually. The tunes are available in several forms: Note: The 2016 edition of Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook had many chord improvements over the 2015 edition, but not all the later ones are described in the Annex 2015.

Thanks go to those who gave permission for copyrights of the few modern tunes, particularly Kathryn Tickell of Coquetdale Music Publishing

The tunes are available as: I put together a four-page handout on basic music theory and 'modes' as applied to traditional British Isles folk music. 413 notes. This tunebook contains 644 tunes that I have learned to play on my English concertina, Terms of Use | limit the search to flute duets of advanced difficulty: piano easy: limit the search to easy tunes with piano accompaniment: opera excerpts: limit the search to opera excerpts (works with any category) key:G: limit the search to tunes in the key of G major: key:Bbm: limit the search to tunes …

These treble clef tunes are suitable for fiddle, flute, trumpet, clarinet, or any other treble solo instrument. 798 notes. Scottish dance tunes, but others are an eclectic mix of session favourites.

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