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I will reach out to you directly with more information. CW damage threshold values typically scale directly with the wavelength of the laser source, so this yields an adjusted LIDT value: The adjusted LIDT value of 350 W/cm x (1319 nm / 1550 nm) = 298 W/cm is significantly higher than the calculated maximum linear power density of the laser system, so it would be safe to use this doublet lens for this application. Low power, high reflectivity broadband metal mirror for infrared and near-infrared; 650 nm- 20 um. Alkor Technologies offers round and square mirrors with a protected gold coating in various sizes and substrate. However, the large average linear power density of the laser system may cause thermal damage to the optic, much like a high-power CW beam. Pulsed Microsecond Laser ExampleConsider a laser system that produces 1 µs pulses, each containing 150 µJ of energy at a repetition rate of 50 kHz, resulting in a relatively high duty cycle of 5%. For applications which require extremely low thermal expansion, Thorlabs also offers protected gold Zerodur mirrors. Silver (Ag) is a metallic mirror coating that achieves high visibility and high transmittance of near infrared rays. So, the maximum energy density of this beam is ~0.7 J/cm2. The following is a general overview of how laser induced damage thresholds are measured and how the values may be utilized in determining the appropriateness of an optic for a given application. I will send you complete reflectivity plots shortly, and we will also post this information on the web within the next few days. Could you please provide me with reflectivity for the Protected Gold, Protected Silver and Protected Aluminium coatings at 4.62 um and 45° incident angle? Is this information (Poster: jjurado Posted Date: 2011-03-23 16:59:00.0) still valid? The performance of gold (96% reflectivity from 750 – 1500nm) is maintained, but the optic has a more durable finish. Just ask our Sales Team  for your customized protected gold mirror. To use the calculator, enter the specified LIDT value of the optic under consideration and the relevant parameters of your laser system in the green boxes. Response from Jeremy at Thorlabs: I will contact you directly about measuring this. Our reflectance data on the "Graphs" tab is measured about every 10 nm from 300 nm to 20 um. Hello, Do you think it could be possible to get a PF05-03-M01 with coating extending up to the chamfer (say at least 0.2mm) ? Is there an option for a custom size mirror that can be made? Our optics business unit has a wide breadth of manufacturing capabilities that allow us to offer a variety of custom optics for both OEM sales and low quantity one-off orders. Thanks, Response from Bweh E at Thorlabs: Thanks for contacting Thorlabs. Best regards, This coating is ideal for applications requiring increased reflectance from 400 – 650nm while the UV and DUV Enhanced Aluminum coatings yield increased reflectance from 120 – 400nm range. Dear Thorlabs, I'm afraid the reflectivity curve of the gold-protected mirror for the P polarization at 45° is totally, awfully wrong. For beams sizes greater than 5 mm, the LIDT (J/cm2) will not scale independently of beam diameter due to the larger size beam exposing more defects. These products are offered in a variety of metallic and dielectric coatings to suit all your application requirements. This diameter provides a larger clear aperture than Ø1/2" optics while allowing the mounts to maintain a Ø1" footprint. For detailed questions regarding our products and solutions, order numbers and specifications, delivery times and budget, areas where delivery is possible, or for any other questions about how we can assist with your objectives and ideas, please feel free to contact us. Also, what is the index of refraction of the protective coating material? Tax Certificates. The protective layer thickness is still on the order of 100nm however the exact coating thickness is proprietary information. sopureasthemirrormaterial)oftungsten20cmlongand1.2mm in diameter was determined by Mr. J. H. Dellingerto be 0.000 006 9 ohm percentimeter cube at 2i°.8or3.99timesthat of copper. First surface mirrors are recommended for use in precision optics applications. The performance of gold (96% reflectivity from 750 – 1500nm) is maintained, but the optic has a more durable finish. Custom Metallic MirrorsThorlabs' metallic mirrors are manufactured at the production facility housed in our headquarters in Newton, NJ. leading to polarisation ellipticity) around these wavelengths, please? Geomatec has extensive experience with metallic mirror and high reflectivity (HR) coatings, enabling us to propose a variety of metals that meet your objectives. In the middle ages, mirrors with relatively constant reflectivity in the visible spectral range were fabricated using tin foils and mercury which were put on glass. Testing may result in additional costs or lead times. Check out what we can do for you. The energy density of your beam should be calculated in terms of J/cm2. When choosing optics, it is important to understand the Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) of the optics being used. Our UK division will share with you theoretical data on the phase shift for S- and P- at wavelengths including 792nm and 1548nm. Try an anti-reflection coating on your optics. Thank you for your feedback. Reflection at the substrate leads to ghost images, indicated by the dashed orange line. Beam diameter is also important to know when comparing damage thresholds. We'll teach you the basics to help you choose the right coating for your next application. Please note that the reflectance outside of these bands is typical and can vary from lot to lot, especially in out-of-band regions where the reflectance is fluctuating or sloped. Thanks! Additionally, for highly transparent materials, there is little to no drop in the LIDT with increasing PRF. A second unwanted reflection occurs as the light exits the substrate decreasing the net reflectance of the mirror. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to compare the LIDT specification of an optic to your laser. Pulsed lasers often do not heat the optic enough to damage it; instead, pulsed lasers produce strong electric fields capable of inducing dielectric breakdown in the material. High reflectivity (HR) coatings are metallic mirror coatings with dielectric multilayer film applied to achieve a greater reflectance rate and necessary optical features. Do you happen to know whether there are any significant polarisation-dependent phase shifts (e.g. All specified damage threshold values have been obtained by testing multiple coating runs to ensure an accurate result. Now compare the maximum energy density to that which is specified as the LIDT for the optic. Stanford University. These LIDT values are not valid for ultrashort pulses less than one nanosecond in duration. Thank you, L'entreprise Edmund Optics GmbH en Allemagne agit comme un mandataire d'Edmund Optics Ltd au Royaume-Uni. For assistance with performing similar calculations, we provide a spreadsheet calculator that can be downloaded by clicking the button to the right. and now it is allowing raw data downloads. A plot of the reflectivity in the visible would really help as we often use visible and IR lasers in a single setup. Is there any information on the GVD of your gold mirrors? Thanks in advance. Economy Front Surface Mirrors with Protected Metallic Coatings, Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Mirrors, 750 - 1000 nm, Average Reflectance >96% from 800 nm to 20 µm, Packages of 10 Rounds at a Discounted Price, Surface Flatness: λ/10 (λ/8 for 2" x 2" Square), Five Round Mirror Diameters: 7 mm, 1/2", 19 mm, 1", and 2", Three Square Mirror Options: 1/2", 1", and 2", This variation of our protected silver coating is only found on the. Geomatec has extensive experience with metallic mirror and high reflectivity (HR) coatings, enabling us to propose a variety of metals that meet your objectives. Our Ø19 mm mirrors are specifically designed to fit our Polaris Fixed Optic Mounts for laser system design and other OEM applications. The performance of gold (96% reflectivity from 750 – 1500nm) is … I have shared your concerns to our Laser Division which is committed to identifying, enabling, and accelerating MIR technologies. First surface mirrors are recommended for use in precision optics applications. Protected gold is the most efficient reflective coating over the entire IR range. Additional stray ghost reflections may also be seen as the light bounces between the coated and non-coated surfaces of the substrate. While we make every attempt to keep the catalog pdf files on our website up-to-date, our V21 catalog is now two years old and unfortunately does not have the latest data. The Gold coating M01 has a dielectric coating on top to protect it. Lett. can you tell me the damage threshold of the protected gold mirrors - - OK with 2 W of 150 fs pulsed IR? Protective overcoat is layered over the gold to help protect it from damage and make cleaning easier. Thanks. I would just like to know the approximate thickness of the protective coating put on your gold mirrors (within 10nm if possible). I will email the current information we can provide. Silver offers high reflectance in the visible and infrared spectral regions, making it an excellent choice for broadband applications that span multiple spectral regions. These optics provide >96% average reflectance from 800 nm to 20 μm. Coatings designs are also available for partial reflectors, output couplers, and etalons, and for any angle of incidence or polarization state.

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