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We owe descriptions of the Bazaar in the middle of the 19th century to writers such as Edmondo De Amicis[39] and Théophile Gautier. It is alleged that Sultan Mahmud II came there often in disguise to eat his pudding. Grand Bazaar: A Full Habitat of Local and Exotic Supplies Since when is the Grand Bazaar is serving? The private security company is an organization that works exclusively for the bazaar. The main commercial activities in the Qeysarie bazaar are carpet and kilim selling. [41] The absence of women in the social life and the nomadic conventions in the Turkish society made the concept of restaurant alien. [38], Right during the westernization of Ottoman society, the Grand Bazaar became an obligatory topos of the romantic literature. One of the 17th-century kiosks, which used to be a small cafe. Each episode has an appearance that is covered with a dome in itself. [5] It must compete with modern shopping malls common in Istanbul, but its beauty and fascination represent a formidable advantage for it. First time visitors to the Grand Bazaar will be astounded by its splendor and size. This decorative bedesten is one of the leading examples of Turkish architecture as dome designs. Having more than 4000 shops, the Grand Covered Bazaar is visited by the tourists and the citizens regularly. Grand Bazaar is a local area that hosts between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors in just one day and keeps the traditional cultures of Istanbul alive. The Grand Bazaar is located inside the Walled city of Istanbul, in the district of Fatih and in the neighbourhood (mahalle) bearing the same name (Kapalıçarşı). The word bedesten is adapted from the Persian The construction of the first bedesten (bazaar) was completed in 1460s, namely Cevahir, and Sultan … The Bazaar of Isfahan is located in downtown old Isfahan, Iran, in the northern section of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. [48] Moreover, the lack of controls in the past years allowed many dealers to remove columns and skive walls in their shops to gain space; this, together with the substitution of lead (stolen in the last years) with concrete on the market's roof, has created a great hazard when the earthquake expected in Istanbul in the next years will occur. The Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar (simplified Chinese: 新疆国际大巴扎; traditional Chinese: 新疆國際大巴扎; pinyin: Xīnjiāng Guójì Dàbāzhā; Uyghur: .mw-parser-output .font-uig{font-family:"UKIJ Tuz","UKIJ Nasq","UKIJ Basma","UKIJ_Mac Basma","UKIJ Zilwa","UKIJ Esliye","UKIJ Tuz Basma","UKIJ Tuz Kitab","UKIJ Tuz Gezit","UKIJ Tuz Qara","UKIJ Tuz Qara","UKIJ Tuz Tor","UKIJ Kesme","UKIJ Kesme Tuz","UKIJ Qara","UKIJ Basma Aq","UKIJ Basma Qara","UKIJ Basma Tuz","UKIJ Putuk","UKIJ Tuz Xet","UKIJ Tom Xet","UKIJ Tuz Jurnal","UKIJ Arabic","UKIJ CJK","UKIJ Ekran","UKIJ_Mac Ekran","UKIJ Teng","UKIJ Tor","UKIJ Tuz Tom","UKIJ Mono Keng","UKIJ Mono Tar","UKIJ Nokia","UKIJ SimSun","UKIJ Yanfon","UKIJ Qolyazma","UKIJ Saet","UKIJ Nasq Zilwa","UKIJ Sulus","UKIJ Sulus Tom","UKIJ 3D","UKIJ Diwani","UKIJ Diwani Yantu","UKIJ Diwani Tom","UKIJ Esliye Tom","UKIJ Esliye Qara","UKIJ Jelliy","UKIJ Kufi","UKIJ Kufi Tar","UKIJ Kufi Uz","UKIJ Kufi Yay","UKIJ Merdane","UKIJ Ruqi","UKIJ Mejnuntal","UKIJ Junun","UKIJ Moy Qelem","UKIJ Chiwer Kesme","UKIJ Orxun-Yensey","UKIJ Elipbe","UKIJ Qolyazma Tez","UKIJ Qolyazma Tuz","UKIJ Qolyazma Yantu","UKIJ Ruqi Tuz",FZWWBBOT_Unicode,FZWWHQHTOT_Unicode,Scheherazade,Lateef,LateefGR,"Microsoft Uighur","Noto Naskh Arabic";font-feature-settings:"cv50"1}شىنجاڭ خەلقئارا چوڭ بازىرى‎‎, ULY: Shinjang Xelq'ara Chong Baziri, USY: Шинҗаң Хелқ'ара Чоң Базири), also known as International Grand Bazaar Xinjiang,[1] is an Islamic bazaar in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China. Immediately adjacent to the Han there are impressive copperers. [36], The ethics of trade in the Market until the Tanzimat age (i.e. The most important such incident happened in 1591, when 30,000 gold coins (Turkish: Altın) were stolen in the old Bedesten. It is also possible to find various organizations in the market where the product is sold in 97 category field. The buildings and area within are constructed in an Islamic style representative of the preponderant religion and ethnic culture of the western region in China. There are small shops in the Cevahir Bedesten, who are amazed by its size, and those who are engaged in small handicrafts and artistic ornaments. This quickly made the Grand Bazaar easily accessible and a focal point for Meditteranean trade. [41] The Bazaar was in the Ottoman Age the place where the Istanbullu (the inhabitants of the city) could see each other. Quickly, the two buildings became a center for trade in Istanbul. [25] Only clothes were hung in long rows, with a picturesque effect. Grand Bazaar is one of the biggest centers of attraction in Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar is open every day on weekdays, and on weekends only on Saturdays between 08.30 and 19.00. Hanlar: Ağa, Astarci, Bodrum, Cebeci, Çuhacı, İçcececi, Doors, Kaşıkçı, Kebabçı, Kızlarağası, Cistern, Sorguine, Yolgeçen, Zincirli and Evliya. The last major catastrophe happened in 1894: a strong earthquake that rocked Istanbul. [17] The fire of 1701 was particularly fierce, forcing Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damad Ibrahim Pasha to rebuild several parts of the complex in 1730–1731. Another peculiarity was the complete lack of advertising. Zincirli Han, known as the manufacturer of jewelery made, welcomes you when you go through Jeweler’s Street. Mongers who continue to work without losing the old livelihood, will please you with their artistic work as well as their warm and pleasant conversations. The number of shops amounted to 3,000, plus 300 located in the surrounding hans, large caravanserais with two or three stories round a porticoed inner courtyard, where goods could be stored and merchants could be lodged. Health care center, police station, branches of all banks and post office are among these organizations. In the inner and in the outer walls have been built 44 cellars (Turkish: mahzen), vaulted rooms without external openings. Hans: Ağa, Astarcı, Bodrum, Cebeci, Çuhacı, İçcebeci, Kapılar, Kaşıkçı, Kebapçı, Kızlarağası, Sarnıçlı, Sorguçlu, Yolgeçen, Zincirli and Evliya. The artisans who continue to work without losing their old livelihood will be happy with their artistic work as well as their warm and pleasant conversation. The Bazaar can easily be reached from Sultanahmet and Sirkeci by trams (Beyazıt-Kapalıçarşı stop). [31] The goods in the Bedesten were guaranteed against everything except turmoil. Each bay is surmounted by a brick dome with blind drum. [24] The roofs are mainly covered with tiles, while the part burnt in 1954 uses now tarmac. This is often credited to the lack of women in social situations, jobs, and conventional beliefs in the region. [10] For all that, at that time the market was not yet covered. [10] Around 1638 the Turkish traveller Evliya Çelebi gave us the most important historical description of the Bazaar and of its customs. As of 2012, there is no official statistics about the number of shops in Bazaar. This is often credited to the lack of women in social situations, jobs, and conventional beliefs in the region. When we talk about the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the speech will be an attempt to grasp the hidden secrets that are being spread there among the old market alleys, secrets that attract tens of thousands of visitors every day from all over the world. These two important bedesten mentioned are the inner qualities of the bazaar. The Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı) was constructed in 1455 as a center for local trade of clothing and jewels. [44] Fixation of prices and taxes were matter of the Kethüda. [5] In 2014, it was listed No.1 among the world's most-visited tourist attractions with 91,250,000 annual visitors. Gates: Kuyumcular (Jewelers), Nuruosmaniye, Sepetçihan, Takkeciler (Skullcap Sellers), Tavukpazarı, Zenneciler (Women’s Clothiers), Beyazıt, Çarşıkapı, Çuhacıhan and Mahmutpaşa. The bazaar, one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Middle East, dates to Saljuqid and Safavid era and is the longest roofed market in the world. All rights reserved. [44] Afterwards, a monopoly was formed and the number of traders and shops was frozen.

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