homemade swamp cooler


Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer or even a cigarette lighter if you cannot afford a heat gun. "baby swampy" A Dremel is also a good alternative if you have access to one. He is truly the lifeblood of The Survival Corps and we can honestly say that we wouldn’t be where we are without him. If this was a video game you'll have to travel far to get it. Are these coolers more effective if the air is being PUSHED into the bucket and out through the pads? Try as much as possible to cut the hole right at the center of the container surface if you have a small surface. I had extra swamp cooler padding, which seems to be perfect for the project. "Threw" is the past tense of the verb "To Throw". I live in South Africa and is currently a recovering vegetarian and amateur mustache grower. If you're lacking a drill and bits you could possibly get by with a precise cutting instrument and an awl of sorts. If this was a video game you'll have to travel far to get it. Use the vernier to determine the diameter of the fans cage minus the part were the screws go threw. This item will make your work much easier. I'm in New Mexico (USA) and swamp coolers work great because our relative humidity is usually less than 20%, but the just don't work with 65 or 70% humidity like The east coast or the south. Step 2: Let Us Mutilate. Cut all the way through and remove the cut portion. Humidity IS the key. If you’re a passionate survival enthusiast, The Survival Corps is the right place for you, as Dan will never cease to amaze you with valuable information for helping you plan, prepare and survive both in the wilderness and in an urban environment. on Step 7. It vibrated quite a bit. Plug it in and make sure it works. Leave a comment A soldering iron is optional. You can then slide a larger shrink wrap over the two connections and heat it. Some things you'll need and others you won't I chose to solder and shrink wrap mine (not a huge fan of house fires or electrocution), you may choose to tape it or use butt connectors (not shown). The beauty of knowing how to make a portable swamp cooler is that you can completely go off-grid and still be able to enjoy homely comfort. I even broke one while making the holes. * Scissors - choose some you don't care much about. As you can see, the bottom of my container changed, I cracked the initial one while drilling. The pads actually draw the water through them really well. There is an easy and efficient way to ensure the measurement is accurate. The container I used was pretty flimsy so slots wouldn't have worked well. A switch would have been a nice touch, but I couldn't find one that wasn't in use. 8 years ago 8 years ago You may also need screwdrivers, wire, and pliers. That being said, become creative, the more air you move through your cooler, the more evaporative capacity your cooler has. Padding plays the important role of soaking up water. You must know the voltage rating of the fan and ensure it is comparable to that of the power supply. This is because flimsiness makes it hard to align the holes correctly between the surface, the fan and the shroud. Did you make this project? He has an incredibly friendly and open personality and loves helping others, which is exactly where he finds constant inspiration and passion for learning more and providing people with tips and tricks for all things survival. You can only mismatch if you have the technical know-how. Ensure you locate the negative and positive wires of the power supply and solder them to the corresponding terminals on the fan. Simply place the fan on the surface of the container. Evaporative coolers extract heat from the air in order for the liquid (water) to evaporate. However, they have the tendency to wiggle loose with passing time. * Pile of dishes and dirty working area (kitchen counter) - entirely optional. With a pencil or other marker, trace a line on the outer border of the fan. also add a small aquarium pump hook it to a spider and that would make a bad a$$ cooler.. Deserved a vote for entertaining build process :). Ensure the water does not drip all over your working area.

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