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8 Low-Cost Kits for a 21st-Century Log Cabin ... Prices start at $21,600 for a 392-square-foot, one-bedroom cabin. Have you ever desired a log room addition, standalone log screen room, log screenroom addition, or just a get-away room or home office right on your own property? Log cabin manufacturers typically source logs from their local environment. When spending that much money it’s important you understand exactly what you are purchasing. Log Cabins come in all shapes. Stay up to date with our free True North Log Homes newsletter by signing up below! Coventry Log Homes has been producing the finest quality log homes and cabins with family experience starting in the early seventies. Log Cabin Guarantee & Financing. We use solid wood 2"x10" floor joists and scissors style roof trusses (cathedral/vaulted in the Great Room) with common flat trusses throughout the rest of the home. With open concept floor plans and high vaulted ceilings, these cabins are the ideal solution for those wanting a smaller and more cost-efficient home. More corners on your home mean more cost for log home materials and labor to build the log home package. We don’t publish prices for our house building kits for sale for this very reason. LOG CABIN HOME shell kit logs 1368 sq.ft , 1940 with garage Wood houses / log cabin prices - price list . A full log home is less expensive to build than a half log home, which is why we designed our Base Package Series around our 8"x8" full log wall system with vertical corners. Our log cabin kits ensure you will be living your dream life throughout the year, no matter what the elements throw at you. Order your log cabin kit today for easy "do it yourself" installation or we can arrange assembly for you. More roof lines on a log cabin design mean more cost to build. The Cabin Series conserves the quality and technology you expect from True North Log Homes, but with a more economical price. Costs Far Exceed the Cabin Kit While the log cabin kit is the “cheaper route”, it is only a fraction of the total cost required to build a cabin. Prices vary based on exterior design, such as multiple gables, dormers, covered porches, and offsets. Depending on your needs, customizing a log home kit is easy and fast. Merrimac Quality Log Homes 1104 Old Concord Road (Plant Location) 550 French Pond Rd (Mailing) Henniker, NH 03242 Toll Free: 1-866-637-7462 Telephone: 603-746-3944 ... if you'd rather not build your own. Log Cabin Kit Pricing. © True North Log Homes. Some log cabin kits are more efficient, as the larger the log home with the same design, the lower the cost to build per square foot. If you plan to use tongue and groove for interior wall coverings, figure $1.90 per square foot. Check out all the hidden costs that await you after you pay around 80,000 for regular sized log cabin kits. Figure materials at $1.50 per square foot of the log home for the exterior and the same again for the interior. With a significantly lower price point, the homes in the Cabin Series have preset floor plans without the added costs of engineering, design, and project management.

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