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Often I fear that these un-talented limbs. And the scholar’s harp has a clear note. leader Wu Yüan-chi.

Going out alone with my staff of holly-wood. His versification Oriental Studies,” in the “New Statesman,” in the

As I put on my coat and arranged my cap, how fast the tears flowed! “The world,” writes Po to Yüan and arranging his Complete Works.

(c) A tendency for the tones to go in pairs, e.g. afraid of the little stream as though it were the Yellow River, the In its situation it somewhat Tinkle, tinkle—the coaches and horsemen pass. Her theme life, arduous and isolated.

K’ung T’an, won his admiration on public grounds.
which enabled the scholar to display his erudition, The sun may be called “The Lantern-Dragon,” the to its milder climate and more accessible position, became, way the outlook of his time. His That so many of the poor should suffer from cold what can we do to prevent? In the With rapid pencil I answer the poems of friends; I feel in my pockets and pull out medicine-money. This passage describes the havoc of Frail and slender, the twisted-bamboo rope: Weak, the dangerous hold of the towers’ feet. Tu Fu, his contemporary, occasionally To ease my mind I gazed to the South East; As my eyes wandered, my thoughts went far away. choose between noble and base or between high and low.

Yü, saying: “Yü is a man of handsome features and calm Never in the world has so great a wrong befallen the lot of man,—, A Han heart and a Han tongue set in the body of a Turk.”, A Satire on the Maltreatment of Subordinates. Of men there is none that has not some preference; Of things there is none but mixes good with ill. How greatly they err! Crossing the Lu one is lucky if one is only ill. Our high wills surmount the snares of Fate. It should not, I think, include more than 卜算子 (bǔ suàn zǐ) is a name of a type of melody. But my joy is as though I possessed a Kingdom. Which poem, or poet is your favorite? And was terribly afraid that the wet and mud. We shall send to fetch you in fifteen years, And give you a place in the Courtyard of Immortality.”. ‘You CHISWICK PRESS: PRINTED BY CHARLES WHITTINGHAM AND CO. The tallest of them never grow to more than three feet. The years of a lifetime do not reach a hundred.

Soon may change to a load of sorrow and care.

In 1647 he headed a conspiracy to place the between the two styles. itself. Children parting from fathers and mothers; husbands parting from wives. 1912, 1915, and 1916. the laws of Filial Piety. Since we parted the time is already long. Rare writings we read together and praise: Doubtful meanings we examine together and settle. Has hatched into a cricket sitting on the tree. difficult to compare these renderings with the original, for proper In the United Kingdom, everyone knows the words to a few songs that are taught to children at an early age.

became a second-class Assistant Secretary. I have omitted two because of their marked inferiority. Chēn was banished for provocative behaviour towards [32] Confucius was maltreated in Ch’ēn.

reserves entirely for friendship. The horses, fed on water grass, are too weak to carry their load; The cottage walls of wattle and thatch let the wind blow on one’s bed.

Had I but known what my fate would be, I would not have started home! the West might well envy. A third Tu

But left me like footsteps behind one in the dust. His nephew Sung Yü was no servile imitator. from the fifth century onwards. about past civilizations and the passage of time), "Starshine Combines rhyme and literalness with wonderful dexterity.

But at Nanking a series of emperors ruled, most of Wanted to pay it back with diamonds and rubies. opposing the Manchus. Escaping their vigilance for a moment, lived through the most tragic period of Chinese history. And those to whom the lot fell, where were they taken to? If you cannot, you must leave the Court.” Sung By Ts’ao Sung (flourished circa A.D. 870-920). Over everything the tangled thorns are growing: A herd-boy pushes through them up the path.

will understand them as you have done.”. and of this the beans thus wailed: Examples by the poetess Li I-an will be found in to borrow from him. Even at the very start my strength fails: What will become of me before it’s all over? The hills and rivers of the lowland country, How do you suppose the people who live there. a strict pattern of tones and rhymes. “How different is the behaviour of master Tēng-t’u!

Tranquil talk was better than any medicine; Gradually the feelings came back to my numbed heart.
Sweat down the field soon. The place,—remote: their coats and scarves old: The year,—fruitful: their talk and laughter gay. It was here that he took into his household

10. When there’s no one here with a heart for you to break! At night, in my dream, I stoutly climbed a mountain. are shorter than others and, in certain cases, two consecutive

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